26 Feb 2018

Quidditch for Year 4!

Year 4 had the amazing opportunity to take part in a Quidditch session run by volunteers from Derby Daemons Quidditch team, as part of their book study of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. All the children were given broomsticks and used their thorough understanding of the rules to begin practising for their match.

After ‘chasing the quaffle’, ‘dodging the bludgers’ and getting to grips with their positions, they were ready for a match in their Hogwarts Houses. After some excellent seeking of the ‘Golden Snitch’, the match was declared a successful draw and the children safely returned to the ground on their broom sticks! The children had great fun; Tilly saying, “it was really fun playing with actual Quidditch balls and broomsticks”.

A big thank you to Derby Daemons Quidditch Team for volunteering their time to come and help run a successful afternoon!

26th February 2018