A Welcome from our Head

Welcome to Derby High School.

Here at DHS we currently educate over 540 students between the ages of 3 to 18, in our purpose-built buildings in the leafy suburb of Littleover in Derby. Our Primary School teaches both boys and girls in every year group, whilst our Senior School started welcoming boys into Years 7 and 12 from 2019, as we move to becoming fully coeducational throughout the school.

I would like to highlight here our particular strengths. Our small class sizes enable each child to progress at their own speed, with the support and challenge of exceptionally well qualified teachers. Each lunchtime and after school, we offer a wide variety of clubs and activities and we encourage all our pupils to try something new each term, as well as continue to develop skills in areas they have grown to love. Our many and varied trips and residential experiences ensure each child is encouraged to expand their boundaries within a safe and secure environment. We take pride in our excellent pastoral care throughout all stages in the school, with pupils feeling confident they are listened to and looked after. Our academic record is particularly strong, with 50% of our 2020 A level entries being graded A/A*, and 73% of GCSE grades being awarded 7-9 ( the equivalent to A/A*, under the new grading system).

Our core focus, embedded in the Derby High ethos and values, of the personal and academic development of our pupils remains at the forefront of everything we continue to do whilst operating currently under Covid 19 guidelines. 

With GCSE and A level examinations not taking place as planned, whatever replacement assessment is ultimately decided on, teachers at Derby High are in an excellent position to assess the true potential of each student, as our small group sizes and regular assessments enable us to reflect on all data available. We have a wide range of information clearly indicating the ability and potential of each student and we will be using this in whatever way we can to highlight why our students should be awarded the grades we will recommend. Last summer, under similar conditions, our A level and GCSE results were outstanding, building on our past record of academic excellence, enabling students to achieve their aspirations for the next stage in their education.

It is my privilege and joy to lead such a vibrant and successful school and, if you are considering investing in your child’s future, I encourage you to contact us to arrange a personal tour with me. I will be happy to show you round and answer any questions you may have, and to expand further on my vision and values for Derby High as we enter into our new exciting phase of educating boys and girls throughout the school. In the meantime, please take a moment to look at our virtual tour by clicking here.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Amy Chapman