Looking after our students

Derby High School prides itself on the level of pastoral care offered to our students, who are encouraged to seek the advice and help of their teachers if they are experiencing difficulties. We also encourage parents to inform the school if there is anything happening outside school which might have an impact on the well-being of their children. Experience tells us that good communication between parents and the school is the most effective way of enabling the school to offer students appropriate guidance and support, whether through Form Tutors, Heads of Key Stage, our full-time Chaplain or other staff with pastoral responsibilities.

The principal point of contact for students and their parents is the Form Tutor, who gets to know the members of his or her form and will usually be able to deal promptly with any problems. The Form Tutors are supported by Heads of Key Stage, who generally become involved with more difficult or persistent problems. They in turn liaise with the Deputy Head (pastoral issues) and the relevant Assistant Head (academic issues), who become involved if problems cannot be solved at a lower level. The Head will be made aware of any problematic issues but will generally only become involved if all other avenues have been exhausted or the issue is particularly serious. This is relatively rare and the majority of problems can be dealt with at a low level with the minimum of fuss.