Scholarships and Awards vary depending on the part of the school you are applying for.  Scholarships can be awarded to students entering Year 7 and the Lower Sixth and are valid for 5 years and 2 years respectively.

Senior School

Suitability for an Academic Scholarship in Year 7, will be assessed by a separate scholarship paper taken on Entrance Exam day by all Scholarship applicants. General performance measured on the rest of the Entrance Exams and from internal assessments for Derby High School pupils will also be taken into consideration.  A Head's Scholarship may be awarded to any pupil who has demonstrated outstanding all-round ability.

Scholarships for Music, Sport, Drama and Art & Design are awarded each year in Year 7.  For further details please contact Sue Callaghan, School Registrar.

Head’s Awards are granted to those entering Year 7 who perform well in the Entrance Exam and who are also likely to make a significant contribution to the broader life of the school, for example in music, drama and / or sport.

Any remission will apply only to the basic school tuition fee, not to any extras.

Awards start at £500 and any combination of award/assisted place will not exceed 50% of full fees.

Sixth Form

There are a range of Scholarships and Awards available to students joining our Sixth Form.  Scholarship and Award applications can be made at any point during the academic year but we recommend the Autumn Term. There are two core papers in English and maths and then subject specific papers in the chosen academic subject. We also offer Awards in Sport, Music and Drama which would involve an audition and interview. Scholarships and Awards start at £500 discount on the full fee. 

The school also operates an Assisted Places scheme for qualifying families who would like their children to benefit from a Derby High School education but who would find it difficult to meet the full fee.  No combination of Scholarship and Assisted Place or Award and Assisted Place would cover more than 50% of the total fees required.

For further information about the Scholarships and Awards available please contact Miss Sue Callaghan our Registrar.