Residential visits

Residential visits are eagerly anticipated by each year group.  Here's where our primary pupils went last year:

Year 3 had an overnight stay in York, where, last year they spent a full day living in the Stone Age!  They also visited places of interest in York such as 'The Dig' and York Minster.  Being the first overnight stay for this year group the trip to York was a particular highlight of their year.

Year 4 spent two nights at Kingswood (an outdoor education and activity centre near Wolverhampton) where they threw themselves into activities such as climbing, archery, team tech, aeroball, mission possible, zip wire, quad biking and campfire fun.

Year 5 go to Edale YHA Activity Centre for two nights.  During their class adventure they undertake a night hike on Mam Tor, weaselling, abseiling, climbing amongst other activities!  A video of the 2018 trip to Edale can be seen by clicking here. 

Year 6 venture further afield, spending a whole week in France!