Residential visits

Residential visits are eagerly anticipated by each year group and are an important part of life for pupils at Derby High Primary. Residential trips develop children’s independence, as they have to organise their own belongings and take responsibility for their own decisions, under watchful supervision. There is a great sense of adventure which develops and grows from the first days out to places like Sundown Adventure Park when the pupils are aged three to spending three days in Edale and abseiling from a bridge at age 10 in Y5.

A school trip gives a great sense of community and learning and having fun together. Pupils gain from the learning experiences which brings to life classroom learning and enhances understanding once they are back at school.

Here's where our junior pupils went last year:

Year 3 had a very successful first residential trip to Chasewater, Staffordshire. The trip was arranged to support and enhance work in their Stone Age History topic, as well as introduce children to a residential experience.  The children were transported back to 12000BC to take on the role of Stone Age man within the Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age. They were extremely excited to explore how man created fire, what tools he used to hunt and gather food to survive. The children lit fires, cooked bread on the fire and even tasted Stone Age style soup. They then created Stone Age jewellery using pump drills, saws and different materials from around Chasewater. 

We created Stone Age cave paintings and trekked around Chasewater looking for deer as they would have done in the Stone Age. The children kept their eyes peeled for deer prints and drops and then followed the trail. They were shocked and delighted when we found a herd of wild deer. They then learnt about how Stone Age man would have hunted very similar deer thousands of years ago.


Year 4 spent two nights at PGL (Boreatton Park in Shropshire) where they threw themselves into activities such as abseiling, zooming down the zip wire, problem solving, being brave enough to ride the giant swing and campfire fun.


Year 5 go to Edale YHA Activity Centre for two nights.  During their class adventure they undertake a night hike on Mam Tor, weaselling, abseiling, climbing amongst other activities!  A video of the 2018 trip to Edale can be seen by clicking here. 


Year 6 venture further afield, spending a whole week in France, putting their french language skills into action whilst spending time with french children at a school, visiting the battlefields and memorials of the Somme and soaking up the french way of life in the historic town of Amiens!