Our curriculum

At Derby High Primary we believe learning should be fun! Our curriculum places emphasis on the teaching and learning of literacy and maths skills through a skills based creative curriculum. Through topics such as transport, farms, the seaside, the senses and the Victorians, all of the curriculum areas including geography, history and art are covered.

Our children go on many outside visits and we bring workshops, visitors and practical demonstrations into school in order to enhance the curriculum and really bring learning to life.

At Derby High we encourage our pupils to develop skills which will help them to become independent learners. Throughout the whole school we follow a Thinking for Learning (T4L) programme underpinned by Art Costa's Habits of Mind, such as ‘Taking a Responsible Risk', ‘Persistence', ‘Managing your Impulsivity' and ‘Creativity'. We value these Habits because they are student-owned, and so become a part of each pupil's own, portable, toolbox for learning.  Across the curriculum pupils have access to a wide range of classroom activities that support and develop the skills and which are designed to promote higher order thinking. 

Our primary department broadly follows the National Curriculum, making it easy for children to transfer from other schools. In line with the majority of Independent Schools, we regularly assess the children throughout their time with us rather than spend valuable time working towards SATS at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.