Forest School

At Derby High Primary we believe that outdoor learning helps to improve pupils’ team working skills, increases self-confidence and encourages pride in, and an understanding of, our natural environment.  Our  children enjoy lessons in our Forest School setting with our fully qualified Forest School instructor, Mrs Hill.

The outdoors is a wonderful place to learn and a recent study by the Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois found that, after an outdoor learning session, children were more engaged and teachers spent significantly less time redirecting pupils back to their work.

Being able to explore a safe but ‘wild’ classroom, our pupils are able to use natural resources as props in their play – sticks become magic wands, bushes provide shelter, footprints make for trails to follow and allow imaginations to explore.  Communication and problem-solving skills improve in outdoor environments and our pupils learn to recognise and assess risks for themselves, leading to greater independence.  The outdoor experience allows our children to deepen their knowledge and understanding as they learn, although we’re sure that if you asked any of our pupils whether they do ‘learning’ at Forest School they would tell you they just have fun, they don’t even realise they are learning at all!

On the day your child has forest school they will need to wear their school tracksuit or warm, waterproof clothes and bring their wellies.