Now welcoming boys into the Senior School

After more than 125 years of educating girls only between the ages of 11 and 18, Derby's leading independent girls school Derby High School has announced that it will admit boys to the Senior School with effect from September 2019.

Commenting on the decision, chair of governors, Glenn Jones, said that this move would “ensure that the school would become the premier selective independent coeducational school in the region”.

Head Amy Chapman, who announced the change to girls, parents and staff in October 2018, said:

“Derby High School was founded over 125 years ago.  It aims to provide an education which will stand our students in good stead for the challenges facing them beyond their school days and it is important that the school reflects the modern world.  Today’s workplace sees men and women working alongside each other on equal terms and all universities are co-educational.  Fewer and fewer parents are choosing to educate their sons and daughters separately. For our Primary pupils, co-education is something to which they are already well accustomed, as each year group from ages 3-11 has a mix of boys and girls. This change will mean that our boys will not have to leave a school where they are settled and happy.”

"The school’s vision is to be the school of first choice in Derby – a vision that entails a continuous programme of updating and enhancing our educational opportunities and facilities. We already have a Primary School which successfully educates both boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11. Widening our intake to include boys in the Senior School will broaden the pool of potential students, protecting the current financial viability of Derby High into the future and enhancing the quality and extent of our educational provision.  We also recognise that accommodating both boys and girls is attractive logistically for busy parents.”

“With this move, bearing in mind our strong sense of community and incredibly strong academic record, we aim to become the leading local independent school for bright children of all ages and both genders. We seek to build on the academic success the school currently achieves and we believe that in teaching girls and boys together we will strengthen the education and social benefit to both boys and girls within our wide catchment area. This is a very exciting development for Derby High”.

Boys are welcome to apply to join the Sixth Form and Year 7. Parents of prospective Year 7 and Year 12 pupils should telephone the school to arrange an individual tour.