25 Nov 2020

Primary High Notes 25th November 2020

Primary High Notes 25th November 2020


This year we are having to celebrate Christmas in a slightly different way, but are still keeping the traditions of the season and look forward with excitement to the coming weeks!  I hope you have had the chance to peruse the HighPost letter Mr Harper sent out yesterday, with details of our festive calendar.

I wish you a restful, extended weekend. The exeat gives everyone the opportunity to recharge batteries ready for the final weeks of the term.

Best wishes,



Year 3 and 5 House Football

What a brilliant way to end our football activity block with a House Football competition. It was a close tournament, with all teams playing in a round robin and competing for the chance to be crowned House Football Champions. Listen out for the result in Mr Harper’s assembly.



Year 4 & 6 House Netball

It was an exciting end to the netball activity block this week. Year 4 and 6 battled it out in their Houses, playing a round robin of games and competed to be crowned Netball House Winners. Mr Harper will be announcing the winner house for year 4 and year 6 in assembly this week.



Together We Can

As part of our Children In Need fundraising we asked every child to take home a white card with the message “Together we can” for them to complete. We had a fantastic response with very thoughtful and caring comments. We have made a video of the photos we received. To watch all the children’s messages please click here.  


The Reading Tree Challenge

We have embraced the theme across our primary school.

In KS2, we had a tree in the entrance hall where all the children could put their own leaf. It has been a wonderful focal point.

In Year 6, each child has their own tree as part of the classroom reading display, where they add a leaf to represent each book they have read this half term.

In years 2 and 3, a Reading Tree has been created for the children to add their leaves to.


And in Year 1, the children have added their leaves to the Reading Tree poster.


Christmas Connection

Thank you so much for all your generous donations thus far.  If you would like to get involved, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday 2nd December.

Safeguarding Corner

TikTok and Challenge Videos

Please be aware that there are increasing numbers of 'challenge videos' circulating on social media apps such as TikTok. These are the 'clickbait' videos that pop up with messages such as 'Don't watch this!', in order to engage the curiosity of users. Some of these videos are distressing to watch and can even be described as traumatic. It is important that you talk to your children about their use of apps and the dangers associated with these sorts of videos.  Remind them that the people who make them do so to go viral and hence to make money, and do not care about the distress they may cause. It is also important to reiterate that if anyone is upset by anything they have seen they should talk to you or someone at school about how they are feeling. Please do continue to alert us to any concerns you may have regarding any sort of online safety and students of Derby High. We cover online safety in many different ways and on many different topics in every year of the school but nonetheless it is always useful to hear what is happening at home and we very much appreciate your input.

The following useful links are taken from Alan MacKenzie's Online Safety Briefing:

Playstation 5 - Parental Settings

With the new gaming consoles at the top of many wish lists this year this is a timely guide from Andy Robertson (GeekDadGamer) which includes how to set up a parent account and child accounts.

Setting up the Playstation 5 for your family - click HERE

Games for (younger) Children

Staying on the gaming theme, Internet Matters has a new article for parents showing some of the top child-friendly games for children aged 3 upwards.

Click HERE to read the article