06 Nov 2020

Senior High Notes 6th November

Senior High Notes 6th November

Today I attempted something new! A live event assembly on MS Teams for all of the Senior School. I shared my fear of great white sharks. This fear started when I was younger. My brothers and I were gifted a book which detailed every sort of shark attack across the various oceans. Unfortunately, this fear meant that much later in life, on a perfect evening at Hopeman beach in the North of Scotland, (where I was living at the time), I couldn’t enjoy going out for a swim. I was delighted when I could hear everyone agreeing with my concerns. Even though there aren’t great white sharks usually swimming in the Moray Firth, there might just be one who has taken a little holiday trip up to Hopeman!

I was letting an irrational fear rule what I was doing. It is very easy to let unfounded concerns stop you from trying new things. The easy option is not to put yourself out there and not try anything new. That would be a mistake. If you don’t try something new, you don’t know if you will be good or bad at it. You might even enjoy it. I did admit to the students this morning that I might have screamed when some seaweed touched my hand but my biggest fear didn’t materialise. I had a lovely, although very cold, swim which I really enjoyed.

We finished with a reflection using the poem “Overcoming Fear” by Jan Edmunds.

Sometimes we don’t feel very brave when we are all alone,

When faced with something very new, that leads to the unknown.

We may have fear of simple things like wind or rain or height,

Or fear, when we go to bed, the turning out of the light.

We need to stop and think awhile just why we feel this way,

Remember that the bravest ones can chase their fears away.

Sometimes something happens and then without a thought

We find the very courage to do things as we ought.

Bravery takes over and new confidence we find,

The problem then is overcome and fear goes from our mind.

Best Wishes

Production Methods Tried and Tested for A Level Business Studies

The U6 business team have been learning to produce goods in A Level Business.  Students brought in their own icing to create products in various methods of production.  Whilst having fun, it helped bring the subject to life and make the topic unforgettable.  They all did a great creative job.  Emily was appointed manager and led the team exceptionally well.


Year 10 French Pen Pals 

Our Year 10 French students were delighted this week to receive letters from their pen pals in Trappes, near Versilles/Paris. They are looking forward to answering their letters next week and are planning a video call towards the end of this half term.

A Level Spanish Students Join Think Tank

On the 16th October U6 Spanish students attended a Think Tank- Immigration/Migration debate with Reading and Glasgow Universities. The panel of academics representing different disciplines from University of Glasgow and University of Reading shared their perspectives and students were given the opportunity to engage in the discussion.

The event has helped them to reflect on this topic and get ideas for their Spanish oral exam.


U4 Answer Ultimate Questions in RS

In RS before half-term, U4 had been trying to ask and answer philosophical questions about the existence of God. U4(2) showcased their outstanding creative pieces of work showing their ideas before the half-term break and today, it's U4(1)'s turn. They have also produced some truly outstanding creative pieces of work that clearly explained the philosophical arguments studied. They made scrapbooks, paintings, storyboards, models and so much more! Well done to everyone in U4.


Poppy Appeal

This year, The Royal British Legion will not be delivering poppies and encouraging people to purchase poppies via their website: https://www.poppyshop.org.uk

We have located a supply of ‘good as new’ poppies (recycled ex-display) which will be on sale in Senior and Primary reception for anyone who would like one. Any donations would be appreciated and will be passed on to The Royal British Legion. 

Remembrance Service

Derby High School invites the whole school community to join together online for our Remembrance Service on Armistice Day, Wednesday 11th November 2020.

The service will be broadcasted via YouTube from 10:50am, to honour those who lost their lives in conflict. Played across the whole school, we invite everyone to come together through watching our service and marking the two-minute silence wherever you may be. 

The service will be available by clicking here. A Highpost reminder will be sent out to all parents before the service is broadcasted.  

Safeguarding Corner

Pupil Safety and Dark Nights

Well, the clocks have gone back an hour and the darker nights are upon us. Sadly, road traffic collisions increase by 20% in the fortnight after the time change. Sadly, some of those collisions will involve child pedestrians and cyclists. Children under-16 are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users and we are aware that many of our students walk home within the local area.

The resources below will help remind children, especially teenagers, about road safety and safe cycling.

Teaching Road Safety: A Guide for Parents https://www.rospa.com/media/documents/road-safety/teaching-road-safety-a-guide-for-parents.pdf

Safety First – Cycling at Night https://www.cycletraining.co.uk/cycle-training-and-cycle-safety/safety-first-cycling-at-night/

Be Bright, Be Seen Poster https://6282.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Be_Bright_Be_Seen-A5-Flyer.pdf

Keeping children safe during lockdown and beyond - Parents’ pack https://www.capt.org.uk/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=44e36e43-bd5e-4dd0-acae-e040f37fe2ef

Online Safety

National Online Safety have created a very useful guide for parents about WhatsApp. It outlines what parents need to know, for example, the age limit changed in May 2018 to 16 years old, along with useful top tips for parents.

To view “What parents need to know about WhatsApp” – click here