06 Nov 2020

Primary High Notes 6th November

Primary High Notes 6th November

In my Primary assembly yesterday we reflected on the power of laughter. Some of our teachers shared their funniest jokes with everyone. Some jokes made us laugh and others made us groan! But they all brought us together (albeit virtually), which is so important, particularly at this time. I likened laughter to social glue, in that it strengthens relationships and brings us in sync with each other because we are sharing something. When asked how this laughter made the children feel, they said happy and excited.  Sadly laughter can also be used in a less positive way, when someone is being laughed at or fun is being poked at someone. I asked the children to think about how you feel if you are being laughed at and how different that feeling is when we are sharing laughter and smiling together.

I asked the children to harness the power of laughter in a positive way that benefits ourselves and others. Laughter is good for us and, when it is used with kindness, can help others too.

Best Wishes

Reading Tree Challenge

On Monday we launched the Reading Tree Challenge to celebrate and promote reading for pleasure. 

This began in Mr Harper's Monday focus assembly when he shared his favourite childhood book, "The Owl who was afraid of the dark!” He still has the book from when he was a boy, although it is a little dog-eared now. After the assembly, Mrs Swainston, our English subject leader and avid reader, organised for each class to receive a brand new book for their classroom collection. The children were thrilled and the challenge is now on!

We would like all of the children to read a wide selection of books from many different authors and to share the ones they enjoy by completing a 'leaf of recommendation' for the Reading Tree. The aim of the challenge is to cover the bare branches and trunk of our reading tree with lots of leaves, showcasing the books they have read. 

If we complete the challenge by the 27th November a photograph of our tree can be sent to the Literacy Trust to be entered into a prize draw to win a collection of new books for our school. Time to get into a book... time to get reading!


Year 1 Computing

Year 1 enjoyed working in pairs to create their own ebooks this week. The children had fun learning how to draw pictures for their books. We’re looking forward to next week, when we will add the text.


Year 2 All at Sea

This week, Year 2 have started a new topic called ‘All at Sea’. As part of this topic they will be doing a book study on Ocean Meets Sky by the Fan Brothers which is about a young boy called Finn and his Grandpa. The topic started with a WOW when they had a box delivered labelled ‘Grandpa’s Stuff’. The children were extremely enthusiastic to see what was inside the box and were excited every time a different object was taken out. After revealing all of the objects inside the box the children made predictions about Grandpa and who he could be and what might happen in Ocean Meets Sky. This brought the new topic to life with a real buzz of excitement!


Year 5 Investigates Orbits

This week, Year 5 have been investigating orbits within our solar system.  They each produced a marvellous moving model showing the orbit of the Moon around the Earth as well as the Earth around the Sun.  Their models were used to help explain why we see the different phases of the Moon from Earth and complimented the Moon diaries that they completed over half term. Amazing astronomers in the making!


Poppy Appeal

This year, The Royal British Legion will not be delivering poppies and encouraging people to purchase poppies via their website: https://www.poppyshop.org.uk

We have located a supply of ‘good as new’ poppies (recycled ex-display) which will be on sale in Senior and Primary reception for anyone who would like one. Any donations would be appreciated and will be passed on to The Royal British Legion.

Remembrance Service

Derby High School invites the whole school community to join together online for our Remembrance Service on Armistice Day, Wednesday 11th November 2020.

The service will be broadcasted via YouTube from 10:50am, to honour those who lost their lives in conflict. Played across the whole school, we invite everyone to come together through watching our service and marking the two-minute silence wherever you may be. 

The service will be available by clicking here. A Highpost reminder will be sent out to all parents before the service is broadcasted.  


Safeguarding Corner

Pupil Safety and Dark Nights

Well, the clocks have gone back an hour and the darker nights are upon us. Sadly, road traffic collisions increase by 20% in the fortnight after the time change. Sadly, some of those collisions will involve child pedestrians and cyclists. Children under-16 are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users and we are aware that many of our students walk home within the local area.

The resources below will help remind children, especially teenagers, about road safety and safe cycling.

Teaching Road Safety: A Guide for Parents https://www.rospa.com/media/documents/road-safety/teaching-road-safety-a-guide-for-parents.pdf

Safety First – Cycling at Night https://www.cycletraining.co.uk/cycle-training-and-cycle-safety/safety-first-cycling-at-night/

Be Bright, Be Seen Poster https://6282.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Be_Bright_Be_Seen-A5-Flyer.pdf

Keeping children safe during lockdown and beyond - Parents’ pack https://www.capt.org.uk/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=44e36e43-bd5e-4dd0-acae-e040f37fe2ef

Online Safety

National Online Safety have created a very useful guide for parents about WhatsApp. It outlines what parents need to know, for example, the age limit changed in May 2018 to 16 years old, along with useful top tips for parents.

To view “What parents need to know about WhatsApp” – click here