02 Nov 2020

Primary High Notes 16th October

Primary High Notes 16th October


As we come to the end of a very busy half term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of our school community for the positive and understanding way that each and every one of you has contributed to ensure we all keep safe. Without such high levels of consideration for others and adherence to our safety measures, it might not have been possible to have reached this stage in the term with no bubble “bursting”.

We are fully prepared to teach via online live lessons from 2nd November, if there is a “circuit-breaker” lockdown imposed at that point. Pupils have taken home all the books and materials they would require for that eventuality. Should any announcement be made with regards to schools, during half term, I will write to all parents with the full plans for online live lessons.

I hope you have now had the opportunity to read our 2019-20 Highlights magazine, which was sent home earlier this week via the children. This is the first year we have included both Primary and Senior in one publication, which means that Highlights now showcases the busy life of the whole community of Derby High, where academic attainment is a key element of school life, complemented by a broad and enriching co-curriculum to provide a rounded education.

 I wish everyone a good two week break. I hope you and your family stay well and have a chance to spend quality time together.

Best wishes, 


Derby High Announces Their First Greenpower Team 

Eleven aspiring Engineers at Derby High School have joined together to form the school’s very first Greenpower team. 

The students, all currently in the Lower Sixth in the Sixth Form, are planning to build their very own electric car this academic year. The design is currently underway and is being led by student Alex Hill, currently studying A levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Alex is designing the car as part of his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Alex said “this is a fantastic opportunity for me to demonstrate my leadership skills. Ever since I was a young boy I’ve wanted to build and race a car. Having Greenpower on my CV when I apply to university will help me stand out and is something to be immensely proud of”.

Year 7 students will be able to join the team next year to compete in the IET Formula 24 challenge, once the initial car has been designed and constructed. The Derby High Greenpower team are now seeking sponsorship for their car. Any individuals or businesses who may be able to offer support in anyway, please contact Mrs Rachael Cotton, rcotton@derbyhigh.derby,sch.uk.

To read the full press release click here.

Year 2 Life Cycle of Ladybirds

This week has marked the end of Year 2’s fantastic investigation on the life cycle of ladybirds. Over the course of this half term, the children have observed closely how ladybirds begin as eggs, turn into larvae, form a pupa and then go through metamorphism to emerge as ladybirds. The children were incredibly excited to release onto the school field, what we have nurtured for the past five weeks. The children thoroughly enjoyed this investigation and can’t wait to see what we have in store for them next in science.



Autumn Topic in Reception

In Reception, we have been talking about autumn this week and in our topic lessons we have made autumn trees, adding finger prints in red, yellow, orange and brown. The children have also enjoyed making baked hedgehog bread.



Safeguarding Corner

NetAware have provided some useful safety reviews and advice on apps that are popular amongst our students.  You may wish to check them out here: https://www.net-aware.org.uk/networks/   

If you click on the links you can find more detail about how to change safety settings etc.

Roblox is particularly popular with our younger students and has been in the media this week regarding reported online grooming.  The relevant page and advice to parents regarding safe interaction on this app can be found here: https://www.net-aware.org.uk/networks/roblox/

With any app we would always advise the following:

  • Explore it together
  • Do your own research: there are plenty of parents' guides to different apps available, often on the apps own website.  Check the age rating of the game
  • Talk to your child about what they’re sharing
  • Let them know that they can talk to you
  • Set up any privacy or safety features together, and talk about why they are there.

The 'New Normal'

This 'new normal' in which we are all living can put a strain us; adults and children alike.  It is easy to get caught up in the uncertainties ahead.  Here is a useful article which outlines some of the ways we can work through any anxieties in a positive way https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/23/how-to-push-through-six-month-coronavirus-wall-13309340/