11 Sep 2020

Primary High Notes 11th September

Primary High Notes 11th September

The vision for our school is learning, achieving and working together and it’s never been more appropriate. Everyone in our school community has shown a commitment to working together since we have returned to school this term. We are seeing our school vision in practice in more challenging circumstances than ever. The children are very much enjoying being back in the classroom with their friends and our staff are doing everything possible to keep the children safe.

Yesterday, through the power of Microsoft Teams, I was delighted to be able to take my first ‘live’ assembly with the whole of Primary. From the comfort of their classrooms they were able to come together as the whole community. I shared some pictures I had taken on a lovely family walk in the Peak District during the summer. My husband had chosen a route which included a long hilly stretch. Our goal was to reach the top with as few stops as possible! At first, as the incline steepened, we looked at our feet putting one foot in front of the other. Our goal was ahead and we wanted to achieve it. But then I looked up and caught the most wonderful view of the rolling fields around us and the reservoir below. We realised how important our original goal was but it was also important to enjoy all parts of the walk on the way to the top.


The View                                       Part way up, but the goal is in sight!

I asked the children to think about this whole academic year, from now until next summer. There will be lots of exciting activities, lessons and opportunities for everyone. We will set goals that we want to achieve this year. But we all must remember it is so important that we enjoy the journey as we head towards our goals.

“Don't focus on the destination, focus on the journey. Enjoy all the experiences along the way”

Best Wishes


Planting in the Pre-School

Our Wrens have been planting flowers and bulbs this week, linked to their topic book "Here We Are". An exciting first full week for our Pre School at Derby High Primary.


Reception Bird Feeders

As part of our book study of ‘Here We Are’, the Reception children made bird feeders to help look after the birds.

They then took these down to the field Thursday afternoon and hung them in the trees. The children loved making them and are so excited to check next week, if they have been eaten by the birds.

Year 2 Science

Today in science, Year 2 have started a fascinating and exciting investigation. The children have been thinking about life cycles of different animals and creatures. The class were super excited to find out that we had real life ladybird eggs in our classroom. Each child came up with questions about what they would like to find out about the life cycle of a ladybird and made a prediction as to what they think will happen. Over the following weeks, we will make daily observations of the ladybirds in the vivarium in our classroom and watch the life cycle of a ladybird first hand.


Year 5s Newspaper Tower

Last Week Year 5 had fun with a teambuilding activity called The Newspaper Tower Challenge! We saw some wonderful structures created through determination and team work.


Year 6 Reading

We are always finding ways to share our enthusiasm for reading in the Primary school. Year 6 were asked to send photos of themselves reading over the weekend. We are looking forward to sharing their reading experiences with them throughout the year!


Class Lists

From time to time we receive requests for class lists for party invitations etc.  However, due to GDPR, unfortunately we will no longer be able to send home class lists.  Thank you for your understanding,

Nut Notice

Please be aware that we are a “nut free” school. Children should not be bringing nuts or anything containing nuts into school. Thank you for your support.

Safeguarding Corner
New resource for parents - Taming Gaming

Andy Robertson is a family video game journalist and is well known for his clear, pragmatic advice about all things gaming. He has put together a fabulous new website for families, "This database is a unique way to find games for children, teenagers and young adults. Every game is presented for parents and carers to understand, to empower informed choice through understanding."

The Taming Gaming website is HERE.