24 Mar 2020

Daily High Notes 24th March

Daily High Notes 24th March

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in photos of work completed already this week. I have really enjoyed looking at them all. I am so impressed and proud of each of our pupils, managing so well with their new learning environments. If you have any concerns, pastoral or academic, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your son or daughter’s tutor or class teacher.
Here is a wonderful selection of work and activities our pupils have been busy with.


Under normal circumstances, Chaplain Jo takes weekly assemblies in both the Junior and Senior School. Her words, thoughts and insights are always so helpful in navigating life’s ups and downs. I am incredibly grateful to Chaplain Jo for recording a weekly reflection. We will share this with you at the beginning of each week.
The first reflection, entitled ‘Hope’ can be viewed here – click here.
Do keep in touch with us - it’s really important to share good news stories.

Best wishes to all of you,