28 Feb 2020

Primary High Notes 28th Feb

Primary High Notes 28th Feb

Ducklings are hatching again this year! Click here to watch the video of highlights from our exciting live-streaming footage this week. Our live stream will back up on Monday morning. The children love watching the process unfold right from the start with the delivery of the eggs. 

It’s not too late to buy tickets for our Choral Society Concert, combining students from Derby High and Derby Grammar, on Saturday 7th March at 7pm, featuring Haydn’s Nelson Mass. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for pupils. Full details are below.

On Thursday our Senior House Captains and Sports Captain gave an excellent assembly about Parkrun in March. I have never tried Parkrun so I am really looking forward to getting involved and having a go. I was pleased to hear you don’t have to run the whole way! Please do join us if you can - it occurs every Saturday throughout March. Scroll down for details on how to sign up.

Best Wishes

Year 6 Juice Cocktails

Some of Year 6 have made their own fruit juice cocktails today after studying ratio and proportion in maths all week. They created their own recipes for one cup, using their own ratio of different juices and mixers, then worked out how they would adapt their recipes to make 20 cups. A very tasty, juicy maths lesson!


Year 2 Visits the Tropical Butterfly House

On Thursday, Year 2 travelled to Sheffield to visit the Tropical Butterfly House at the Wildlife and Falconry Centre.  They experienced the temperature and humidity of a real rainforest and took part in a fascinating workshop where they were able to handle stick insects, cockroaches, a tenrec and a blue tongued skink.  As well as this, we walked the Dino Trail, observed farmyard and small animals and watched the lemurs have their lunch.  All the children had a great time and showcased their curiosity throughout the day.


Year 5 Visit the Black County Living Museum

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Black Country Living Museum as part of their topic on The Victorians. A visit down to ‘The Village’ allowed the children to experience what it would have been like to shop like a Victorian and understand just how different life was over 100 years ago. Inside the general store, children saw an old bacon slicer in action and recognised some brands we still see on our shelves today. The Chemist (or Apothecary) was eye-opening, especially when it was revealed that a tooth-ache may have ended up with the Chemist pulling out the offending tooth as a cheap alternative to a dentist! A very popular shop was the Sweet Shop, where paper bags of sweet treats were bought, alongside lollies and other goodies.

After lunch, the children experienced a marvellous Victorian lesson in the school and were able to reveal all their knowledge of what it was like for Victorian Children. A short demonstration of how chains were made in the forge by the chain maker followed, before a final visit to some cottages for an insight into home life of some individuals the children had been studying at school.

The children were extremely well-behaved, well-mannered and all had a brilliant time!


Cycle Derby Visit Wrens

Monday was an exciting day in Wrens. Cycle Derby came to visit us and all the children had chance to try out a balance bike! The children couldn’t wait to have a go and enjoyed their times on the bikes.


U11 Netball Tournament

Our Under 11 netball team competed in their first IAPS tournament at Rugby School on Wednesday. With teams from 22 independent schools from the region taking part, standards were high and there was a very competitive atmosphere. We were delighted to win our first 2 games convincingly, with some good teamwork and accurate shooting. Although the team lost the remaining 3 matches in their group, they were all closely competed games with narrow margins in the scores:

  • Derby High  5          St Christina’s   1
  • Derby High  11       Queen’s College  1
  • King’s Hawford  5  Derby High  3
  • Milton Keynes  7   Derby High  2
  • Foremarke  5         Derby High  3

Finishing in 4th place in the group, the team progressed to the quarter-finals of the plate competition, where they were narrowly beaten, once again by only 2 goals. All the girls played well, growing as a team during the day and developing skills with each game. Well done to all the players – Sofia, Tilly, Izzy, Tia, Jasmine, Sumi, Anastasia and Hannah.

Pop-Up Bakery Monday 2nd March

The Yours Sweetly business enterprise team is proud to launch their Pop-Up Bakery at the Derby High Junior School on Monday the 2nd of March at lunch. Come along and try out exciting flavours such as unicorn and cookies and cream cupcakes as well as other delicious baked goods for only £1 each. The new Shake ‘n’ Bake mug cake line will also be featured- purchase an easy-to-prepare mug cake mix and have fun putting together a tasty treat with your friends, all for the price of just £3.

The team looks forward to seeing you all there so make sure to bring your friends and some spare change to experience the Yours Sweetly Pop-Up Bakery.

With Love, The Yours Sweetly Family (Derby High School Business Enterprise Team)

Mrs Winter and Mrs Cooper’s 10,000 Step Challenge

During the month of March our Senior School Science Technicians, Mrs Winter and Mrs Cooper, are raising funds for Cancer Research UK with their own version of the 10,000 steps challenge by completing at least 5,000 steps by break time. The time frame for this is 4 hours (07.30 – 11.30). They are on their feet most of the day taking out and clearing equipment for lessons, and exceed the 10,000 steps daily by a good margin and so felt that the 5,000 steps by break was a goal they could aim for, and keep them on their toes! 

If you would like to sponsor them, or any other member of staff who would like to join in, please follow the links below



Many thanks for your support, Mrs Winter and Mrs Cooper

Careers and Employability Event 29th April

Every two years Derby High holds a Careers and Employability Event for all of its senior students. This year the event will be held on Wednesday 29th April, 5:30pm to 7:30pm. 

Representatives from all sectors of employment are invited to exhibit, allowing our students to find out more about industries they are interested in joining and make useful contacts for the future.

The event is always incredibly well attended, with many of those exhibiting being alumni, parents and friends of the school.  Over 40 different organisations were represented at the 2018 careers fair from a huge variety of sectors.

If you would like to join our list of exhibitors for your area of work please do get in touch. Mr Lee would love to hear from you – Alee@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk.  Our students find this evening incredibly useful in terms of fact finding, receiving advice and guidance and making contacts for the future. Thank you.

Tickets on Sale: Choral Society Concert 7th March

Tickets are now available for the Derby High School and Derby Grammar School Joint Choral Society Concert. The concert, featuring Haydn’s Nelson Mass, will be held within Derby’s beautiful Cathedral on Saturday 7th March, starting at 7pm. Tickets are £10 adults and £5 students.

To book tickets please email BoxOffice@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk or call the box office on 01332 514267.

Parkrun at Markeaton Park

In the month of March we would like to encourage as many pupils, teachers and parents as possible to take part in a Parkrun at Markeaton Park. A great way to get the school community running together! Runners will earn a point for their house when they complete their run. The house with the most points wins House Parkrun 2020! For full details please see your High Post email and click below to view the poster. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Safeguarding Corner

There has been lots of coverage in the news lately on the social networking service called TIKTOK. The National Online Safety has issued the following guide to “What parents need to know about TIK TOK” which parents may find useful.