24 Jan 2020

Primary High Notes 24 Jan

Primary High Notes 24 Jan

It is with a tremendous sense of pride in the students and staff at Derby High School, I can announce that in the latest Department for Education league tables released today, Derby High School is declared the top performing school at A level in Derby in 2019. The hard work and motivation of our students has ensured that the results are a real credit to them. Our students strive to achieve their very best, achieving the top grades alongside commitments in music, sport, drama, Duke of Edinburgh and many more. Whilst I am reluctant to put too much emphasis on league tables, as they underestimate the true value of education in a broader sense, I have to admit to being very pleased to see the dedication of our staff and students working towards external qualifications being reflected in this way.

Yesterday morning in my assembly, I shared this article I found in the China Daily news, which shows pupils at a Primary School being rewarded for their excellent results with live carp to take home! In Chinese culture, fish are widely recognised as a symbol of academic success.

I talked to the pupils about how it feels to receive an award, whether it be student of the week, honour marks, certificates for music and LAMDA or any of the many other ways we reward success. Every culture has a different way of commending success and for us at Derby High, we continue to ensure that individual success, measured against individual progress made, is recognised and applauded. 

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Year 5 Victorian Day

On Monday 20th January, Year 5 travelled back to the Victorian times and spent the morning in a Victorian school. The children brought in a penny, which they handed to their teachers on arrival. Their hands and posture were thoroughly checked before any lessons took place. The children were also reminded of well-known Victorian quotes, such as:

Children should be seen and not heard.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Never put off until tomorrow what should be done today.

The lessons that took place throughout the morning included Prayers, Geography, Copperplate Handwriting and Dictation, as well as the three Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic). Year 5 pupils also learnt some well-known Music Hall songs, including ‘Daisy Bell,’ and even had a visit from a very strict inspector! After ‘Drill’ on the playground, the children were treated to a delicious Victorian lunch - bowl of gruel.  Dr E-B and Mr Horne ensured that standards were high, testing children on spellings and times tables. We are pleased to report that only a few children received the cane!



Year 4’s Product Feedback to Year 10

Mrs Ince visited Year 4 on Thursday with her Year 10 art class. They have been designing party bags and requested feedback on which lettering, colours and designs were best. Year 4 gave some very honest opinions but are super excited to see the Year 10s again in a few weeks, once they have made their final products. Miss Baileys and Mrs Cowards class loved working with the Year 10 students - they cannot wait to see their new friends/role models again soon.


Scholastic Book Fair

The ever-popular Scholastic Book Fair is arriving in the Primary school on Friday 31st January. It will be open on Friday from 3pm in the Infant Hall and will then be open daily after school from Monday-Thursday the following week, also in the Infant Hall. This Book Fair always has a wide range of books for all Primary aged children. We look forward to seeing you there!

Annie – Cabaret Theatre Company

The Cabaret Theatre Company presents Annie, the musical, at The Brewhouse, Burton. From the 6th to 8th February 2020. Staring Olivia, Megan and Natalie from our Seniors, and Dr Evans-Bolger. Tickets are available now from The Brewhouse, 01283 508100 or online at www.brewhouse.co.uk

Safeguarding Corner

For recent updates on keeping children safe online please try this link to a very well-researched online magazine: