17 Jan 2020

Primary High Notes 17 Jan

Primary High Notes 17 Jan

Over my last few assemblies in Primary we have been following the Atlantic Challenge, a 3000 mile rowing race from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua. 35 teams set off on Thursday December 12th all hoping to arrive in Antigua first. We have been particularly keeping track of the team Felix Five, made up of 5 men from varied backgrounds including an ex-Headmaster. They are currently in 13th place and are 377.1 NM from the finish. This week, the first team reached Antigua in an impressive 32 days, 12 hours and 35 minutes. I talked to the pupils about the amazing moments the team, Fortitude IV, described, from seeing shooting stars, dolphins, whales and turtles to the amazing welcome they received as they crossed the finish line. However, they also had tough times too, not being able to stand up straight, being flipped out of bed when asleep and missing Christmas with family and friends.

I asked the pupils how they felt when they won a prize in sport or music for example, words included excited and proud. I then asked about what they had to do to achieve that success, words like hard work and commitment were given. We see the successes of teams like Fortitude IV and Olympians but what we do not see as readily is the hard work, disappointment, failure and discipline required to achieve those successes, much like the iceberg in the picture below. All that happens underneath the water with an iceberg is so important to ensure the iceberg we see above the water is great. So I asked the pupils to really think about the hard work they put in, the dedication and the disappointment they may sometimes feel and remember how important that all is to achieve their successes.

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Construction Club

On Wednesday, the Year 2 and 3 children enjoyed their first session of Construction Club! They had great fun building different models using Lego and K’NEX. It was a fantastic opportunity for the Year 2 children to get a feel for life in the junior building. The Year 3 children were keen to help all of the Year 2 children and made them feel very welcome with new friendships already blossoming! We look forward to next week!



Year 3 Science

This week in science, Year 3 have been learning about the structure of the earth. They used playdough to create a model of the earth and then chopped it in half to discover the inner core, outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle and the crust! They were so excited and had fantastic fun whilst learning!


Year 4 Trip – Warner Bros Studio Tour London

On Thursday, Year 4 had a magical day at The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studio Tour. They had a wonderful day learning about how the Harry Potter story was brought to life on screen. The children spent time looking at the sets, props and costumes. They even had chance to fly a Firebolt!


Year 6 History

This week Year 6 investigated the contents of a suitcase from the 1930s.  They needed to use curiosity and questioning to ascertain what each item was and who might possibly own it. 


Airports and Travel Agents in the Sparrows

Following on from our flight in Reception, we now have an airport and travel agents role-play area in the Sparrows.

The children have been so excited to use this. This afternoon was their first opportunity- they are browsing brochures, booking holidays, writing holiday lists, dressing up as pilots and scanning bags in the airport.


Joint Choral Concert Advertising Opportunity

On Saturday 7th March we are proud to present the 16th Derby High School and Derby Grammar School joint Choral Society concert.  Set in Derby’s stunning Cathedral, it plans to be a memorable night showcasing the talents of our wonderful pupils. The concert will start at 7pm. Tickets will be on sale soon.

We are currently working on the concert programme and offering local businesses the opportunity to advertise within it. Adverts start from £50 and include 2 complimentary VIP tickets. If you would like more information please call Rachael Cotton, Marketing and Communication Manager, on 01332 514267, or email rcotton@derbyhigh.derby.co.uk.

Safeguarding Corner

Here is a new challenge to try for limiting app time on games and social media. Go to settings, screen time, limit apps and set your limits. See if you can halve your usual usage and use the freed up time to do something else!