10 Jan 2020

Primary High Notes 10 Jan

Primary High Notes 10 Jan

Happy New Year! It was wonderful to welcome our pupils and staff back this week filling the school with lovely chatter and laughter. I used my assembly yesterday to talk about new year, new beginnings and the excitement and nervousness that this can bring. For five children in Primary, this week was a new beginning, as they started at Derby High. A new year can be a good time to think about changes we want to make. The children shared their new year’s resolutions, from not eating crisps to using less plastic. Some pupils and staff, me included, haven’t managed to keep up our new year’s resolutions quite as we would want! Not that I am trying to make myself feel better, but actually does it matter that I didn’t quite manage to keep my news years resolution, should I be unhappy and disappointed in myself? So I shared this lovely quote with everyone. Every day is a new day with fresh exciting opportunities and so an opportunity to start again.

Best Wishes

“Authorfy” Creative Writing Club 

Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils love creative writing so much that they stay after school on Thursdays to attend ‘Authorfy’ Creative Writing Club with Mrs Swainston. After last term’s fun and excitement, the children can’t wait to start again this term. This picture shows the group excited to receive their new booklets ready to start off the new term! Ready… steady… write!


Year 5’s Small Steps For 2020

Year 5, Hardwick, were inspired by Chaplain Jo’s beginning of term service. The children produced some wonderful work after thinking carefully about the steps they wish to take in 2020. 

Extreme Earth Topic for Year 6

This week in Year 3, as part of our Extreme Earth topic, we have been studying tsunamis. We learnt that tsunami is a Japanese word meaning “harbour wave” and that a tsunami is a giant wave that can cause extreme destruction. The children explored and found out that a tsunami is caused by an earthquake under the ocean and that the energy from the vibrations and plate movement cause a large amount of water to be displaced very quickly, creating a series of giant waves.

To understand this further and explore what actually happens in more depth, the children collaborated in groups to create a model that had both land and sea and then investigated the effect of different sized earthquakes. They did this by creating an ‘earthquake’ using a piece of cardboard and then observed the difference in the height and speed of the resulting wave. The children had fantastic fun whilst being fully engaged with their learning!


An Antarctic Exploration for Year 2

Year 2 started their new Polar Lands topic this week with an Antarctic exploration. They examined a bag of mystery items to reveal their new topic and went on to devise their own questions about the Polar regions. We are looking forward to finding out the answers through our studies of this amazing place.

Year 6 Cookery 

Group 2 had their last lesson this week in Cookery and enjoyed making Baked Beans. 


Annie – Cabaret Theatre Company 

The Cabaret Theatre Company presents Annie, the musical, at The Brewhouse, Burton. From the 6th to 8th February 2020. Staring Olivia, Megan and Natalie from our Seniors, and Dr Evans-Bolger. Tickets are available now from The Brewhouse, 01283 508100 or online at www.brewhouse.co.uk

Lost Property

Mrs Tudor has a collection of unnamed items in the Lost Property box. Please ask your child to check the Lost Property if they are missing any items. Thank you.

Safeguarding Corner

You may have seen lots of information about criminal exploitation, and in particular something called 'County Lines', in the press recently.  The Children's Society have put together some excellent resources for parents that can be found here: https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/sites/default/files/cce-advice-for-parents.pdf  You can also find a video explaining the background to County Lines here: safeguardinginschools.co.uk/county-lines/