13 Mar 2019

Reception Hatch Ducklings!

Our Reception classes are having an 'eggstremely eggciting' week!

On Monday children and staff dressed as farmers to welcome five eggs which were placed in an incubator just outside of the Reception classrooms in the Infant building.  The children made chocolate nests, took part in a barn dance and made duckling-related crafts - all whilst keeping an eye on the incubator of course!

By Tuesday afternoon two ducklings had hatched and overnight three more joined them!  The children arrived in school on Wednesday morning to see five fluffy ducklings happily settled into their brood box.

We have been enjoying watching the whole experience when not in school via our live feeds which can be accessed through the school's YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMvDgs4nPS1_WqZQqdyM12Q?

13th March 2019