18 Sep 2018

Year 5 Visit the National Space Centre

Here are two pupil accounts of Year 5's 'out of this world' visit to the National Space Centre:

On an exciting Wednesday Year 5, Mr Horne, Mrs Hitchcock and Mrs Liddle embarked on a phenomenal trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.

When we arrived, we observed a few different things such as a weather maker, a thermal camera, a humongous globe and other interesting things. After a while, we were called in to do a workshop with a man called William. William taught us about the earth, Sun and Moon and kept us entertained until our time was up. We also made a moon wheel to remind us of the different phases of the Moon.

Once the workshop had finished, we explored another part of the space station whilst we waited for our turn in the Planetarium. As we examined the place, we discovered new facts about planets and some of us were fortunate enough to control a Mars rover!

Finally it was our turn in the Planetarium and everyone was super excited. It was amazing how the sky was projected on the dome-shaped screen above our heads which made us feel like we were really looking up at the night sky. We learnt about stars and constellations, the International Space Station (ISS), Mars, Jupiter and lots of other things.

After the Planetarium show we played different games in the Tranquillity Base which taught us about being in space and working at the space station. We also used the Weather Pod and created our own weather report.

Last but not least we ate lunch and we were very hungry after such an energetic day! To remember this brilliant trip forever we strolled to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs.

The trip to the National Space Centre was an awesome experience and we would all love to go there again!

Hannah, Y5


On a cold Wednesday the Year 5 pupils set off on the large coach to the National Space Centre buzzing with excitement.

When they finally made their appearance at the National Space Centre, Year 5 had a good look around. It was very captivating and gripping but also amusing. After that, they followed their teachers to the workshop smiling.

The workshop had a very enthusiastic educator called Will. He was very energetic and gave Y5 many facts about seasons the Earth, Sun and the Moon. The Year 5s had a look around in a different area before going to the planetarium.

Soon, they came to the planetarium. They found out amazing facts they would never have known! The instructor showed the pupils the whole Solar System and it was stunning!

Next, they had lunch in the cafeteria, talking and having fun. When they had eaten everything they went to the gift shop and bought something to remember their trip.                                   

Tara, Y5