29 Mar 2018

Tree of Knowledge for Alzheimers

A talk was given by the local representative of the Alzheimer’s Society, in the school hall, at Derby High, during assembly time. Aileen Dixon gave an interesting and sensitive talk about the subject of Dementia, in order to increase the student’s awareness of the disease.

Following this Mrs Hough, Head of Design Technology at the school invited all members of the school to bring in their spare change and fill in an outline of the Tree of Knowledge. Everyone rose to the challenge including the students of the Senior and Junior school, the admin staff, the caretakers and cleaners and the kitchen staff. The tree was filled and extended, making a really impressive display.

The total raised by the tree was over £165 and when this is added to the amount raised by Mrs Martin Smith and her form by selling donuts on the same day, it will amount to a good total for the Alzheimer’s Society. This will be presented to Aileen Dixon after Easter.

29th March 2018