12 Mar 2018

Art & Design Day Out

Art & Design Day Out

Lower 5 (Y10) Art and Design Technology students spent a day out of school to help them with their studies.  In the first instance they travelled to Masson Mills where they were given a tour and told about all the different processes involved in weaving. It was very cold but that didn’t dampen their spirits! The students found it informative and relevant to their studies at GCSE, as they were able to see the machines in action rather than just learning about them in theory.

After lunch, they visited Derby Museum and Art Gallery, where they spent half of the afternoon sketching exhibits in the natural history section and the other half looking at the work of Joseph Wright. Students were given a talk on his style and the techniques used in his pieces. This talk was useful and enlightening and it will help them to reference artists in their work in the future.

12th March 2018