25 Nov 2022

Primary High Notes 25th November 2022

Primary High Notes 25th November 2022

Bullying affects millions of lives, but it doesn’t have to. If we challenge it, we can change it by reaching out; the theme for this year’s anti-bullying week. That is why we proudly take part in the anti-bullying week each year.

In Primary we wore odd socks on Monday to start off anti-bullying week, a way of celebrating what makes someone unique.  At Derby High we celebrate and are thankful that there is such variety and diversity in our school community. Each and every one of us has different personalities, eye colour, hair and talents. Individuality is a fundamental concept of our humanity and life would be so dull if we were all the same.


Lydia in Year 9 read a beautiful and insightful poem that she had written:


I thought they were my friends

I thought they liked me

I thought I could be happy

I thought ... but it was a lie


I thought they were only joking

I thought it was just banter 

I thought that I should find it funny too

I thought ... but it was a lie


I thought they'd comfort me

I thought they'd understand

I thought they wouldn't ignore me 

I thought ... but it was a lie


I thought I was okay 

I thought their words hadn't affected me

I thought I could do this

I thought ... but it was a lie


I think it's starting to be okay

I think I I've made new friends

I think this is good

I think ... because it's the truth


I think I'm finally rid of my 'friends'

I think that I am a much better person now

I think that I can finally be me

I think ... because it's the truth 

Best Wishes

World Cup Learning Project

Mrs Swainston has launched a World Cup linked independent learning project with the intention of promoting Thinking for Learning, curiosity and research skills.

We are encouraging the children to respond to the suggestions on the World Cup display in the Junior entrance hall or to follow an idea of their own sparked by the World Cup. A Derby High Primary World Cup scrapbook is ready to be filled in with examples of children's independent work and displayed for everyone to see.

Examples include research templates or football kit design challenges which children can complete for a particular country.


Thank you in advance for getting your children involved.

Derby City School Sports Partnerships

The Year 6 children have taken part in a Mini Sports leadership programme delivered by Derby City School Sports Partnerships. The children were taught a range of skills in order to develop their roles in leading playground and sports-based games. The children learnt many other skills, including the development of self-esteem, responsibility and resilience.



Year 3 & 4, Bollywood Dance

As part of her Genius Hour project, Neev in Year 10 taught Year 3 and Year 4 a special Bollywood dance this week. The children had great fun working together and learning the synchronized moves. It was a great experience for Neev to spend the time with the children and help them immerse themselves with the musical beats.


Primary Showcase

It was wonderful to welcome parents into the Primary School last Friday afternoon for our Primary Showcase. The children thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to show their parents and grandparents all the fantastic work they have been doing this term.

Christmas Connections

Thank you to everyone for their kind donations for our Christmas charity collection. As a school we will once again be supporting Christmas Connections, which last year provided presents to around 850 children in Derby. The project is run by Derby City Mission in partnership with Derby Food4Thought. Chaplain Jo delivered the wonderful collection of gifts this week and they were delighted to receive so many donations.

Well Done Connie

Well done to Connie (Year 5), who swam at the Buxton Swimming Club Autumn Open Meet on Sunday 20th November. She gained four new personal best times in the 200m breaststroke, 200m freestyle, 50m freestyle and 200m backstroke events. Overall, Connie came away from the gala with five medals, a fantastic achievement! Congratulations Connie.

Christmas Holidays Cycle Derby

For more information on Holiday courses with Cycle Derby, please click the following link Cycle Derby | Holidays.

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, children are looking forward to receiving gifts. For many, this may be devices that allow you to go online. Even with the best intentions, many parents have a false sense of how to keep their child secure, or think their child is more secure than they actually are.

Safety Net offer a range of very useful parent guides which can be found here: Parent Guides | Skips Safety Net (skipseducational.org). The guides cover a range of topics such as social media, sharing pictures, gaming and online influencers.

Monday 28th November – The Start of Advent - School Christmas post-boxes available from Monday.

Friday 2nd December – Year 1 and 2 Christmas Production – ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ Senior Hall at 2:30pm.