09 Sep 2022

High Notes 24th September 2022

High Notes 24th September 2022

Dear Parents

Yesterday was indeed a moment “when history stopped” and this morning in our assemblies we have reflected on the significance of the Queen’s long life and reign. As a school community we paid our respects to the Queen and recognised and reflected on her service to our nation. In our Primary and Senior Schools we gathered to consider and be thankful for the richness of her long life and the example that she set in leadership, dedication and service. Through readings, music and prayers we reflected on the example she set to all of us in faithfulness, serving others, dedication to duty and resilience.

As the nation enters a period of national mourning, I wanted to inform you that Derby High will not be communicating anything other than essential messages on any social media platforms during this time.

Best wishes

Amy Chapman


Safeguarding Corner

Grief Encounter provide free, specialist support to bereaved children and young people, to view their website please click here.