25 May 2022

Derby High School Joins in the Queen’s Green Canopy

Derby High School Joins in the Queen’s Green Canopy


Derby High School has joined in the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative this spring term, planting a tree to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Excited students and staff across the whole school, marked the Queen’s wish to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”. A pear tree was chosen, which will produce white blossom in the spring.

The school invited retired Deputy Head, Mrs Anne Penny, to visit the school in March to mark the occasion. Mrs Penny, who was born the same year as Her Majesty succeeded to the throne, commented, “It was an honour to be invited back to Derby High and be part of this wonderful initiative. Having worked at Derby High for almost 30 years, I strongly feel the connection of watching a fruit tree grow and blossom over the course of time, very much in the same way as I have seen students here flourish into confident, well-rounded individuals.”

Derby High Sixth Formers have also been involved in the Jubilee celebrations. A level student, Megan Strange, has been conducting special activities with the school’s primary pupils. From hand-stamped bunting with Pre-School, painting the Union Jack on rocks with Year 5 and making tissue paper flags with Year 1, Megan’s project has encouraged all children at the school to reflect and celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. This will be concluded on Friday 27th May, when the whole primary school will come together for a special Jubilee lunch on the sports field.

Commenting on the school’s celebrations, Amy Chapman, Head, said, “This beautiful tree will bring benefits for the children now and for the future. The Queen's Green Canopy initiative will be a constant reminder to our students, and future generations of our Queen's service and the legacy she has built.”