06 May 2022

Senior High Notes 6th May 2022

Senior High Notes 6th May 2022

The exam season is finally underway, after 2 years of teacher assessed grades. The students are well prepared despite the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic.

The weather is looking promising for this weekend’s Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. We are delighted to see a return to activities outside the classroom.  Our Year 10 Geography students have been out this week on a residential fieldwork trip to FSC Preston Montford in Shropshire. Over 2 days the students learned a variety of human physical Geography data collection techniques. It was fantastic to be able to run this trip for the first time since 2019. Many thanks to all staff involved with these trips; planning, preparing and accompanying our students with enthusiasm and expertise.

This week we have welcomed a student from Ukraine whose family have been offered a home by the family of one of our students. Following discussions in March with our Governing Body, we have agreed to offer a number of places in 5 year groups in Primary (Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4) and in our Sixth Form to Ukrainian refugee children who are housed by Derby High parents. Please contact me directly over the next few weeks if you are successful in your application to provide a home for a Ukrainian family with children of the appropriate age range.

Best wishes,

Intermediate Physics Challenge 2022

This year’s Intermediate Physics Challenge for Year 11 students returned as a paper exam sat in school following the easing of Covid restrictions. This is an annual competition organised by the British Physics Olympiad to stretch and challenge the best GCSE physics students in the country. We had a record 18 students take part, who all went on to achieve some excellent results. The students were Kirthi (Gold), Lucy (Silver), Madeleine (Silver), Imogen (Silver), Elspeth (Bronze), Esme (Bronze), Tabitha (Bronze), Vidhmahi (Bronze), Julia (Bronze), Sowmya (Bronze), Diya (Bronze), Chandni (Bronze), Jasmine (Bronze), Megan (Bronze), Olivia (Bronze), Alice (Commendation), Ruqayya (Commendation) and Aminah (Commendation). This represents some of the school’s best results in this competition in recent years. Many congratulations to them all.

House Football

Last Friday was the second leg of the senior school’s house football competition. A few weeks before Easter saw the junior teams (U3-U4) compete and last Friday was the senior teams’ chance to compete (L5-U6). From the junior results we knew the points going into the second leg of the competition were Saint George 7pts, Saint Andrew 6pts, Saint David 4pts and Saint Patrick 0pts.

The format of the competition was a round robin. Saint Andrew vs Saint George and Saint David vs Saint Patrick was the first fixture. With all games being one-way for 10 minutes we saw lots of goals and competitive play. It was fantastic to see so many supports spectating and cheering on their players.

The seniors house teams gained the following points: Saint David 9pts, Saint Patrick 6pts, Saint Andrew 3 pts and Saint George 0pts. For the overall house winner, both the junior and senior house points are added together. The final score was as follows: 1st place Saint David 13pts, 2nd place Saint Andrew 9pts, 3rd place Saint George, 7pts and in 4th place Saint Patrick with 6pts.

Congratulations to St David for winning the House Football Trophy this year!



Geography Field Trip

Year 10 Geographers went on a residential fieldwork trip to FSC Preston Montford in Shropshire this week. Over two days the students learned a variety of human and physical Geography data collection techniques as they investigated sustainable urban transport in Shrewsbury and changes along a river in the Carding Mill Valley. The cohort were a credit to Derby High School, working effectively in teams and it was fantastic to get back on what is normally an annual trip, for the first time since 2019.


Tag Rugby: U12-U14 Girls vs Twycross House School

After several lessons of Tag Rugby our team had the opportunity to demonstrate their developing skill levels against Twycross House School last Wednesday afternoon. The U13 team won their game 30-15 and the U14 team unfortunately lost 30 -20, but had some great play.  Congratulations to all those students involved, who have gained valuable experience for future matches.

Congratulations, Sophie!

Congratulations to Sophie (Year 8) who competed in the Pony Club Dressage over the bank holiday weekend. The competition took place in Rufford on Saturday 30th April. Sophie had a wonderful day and was placed 8th individually and 1st in the team competition! Well done and congratulations, Sophie.

Junior Wolf Run (6km)

Harveen (Year 7) and Amber (Year 4) and took part in the Junior Wolf Run in Warwickshire on Sunday, 24th April.  They completed 6km of wild running over an assault course with obstacles including a swamp pond, cargo nets, and monkey bars, finally finishing off with a mud bath! 

Congratulations to Amber and Harveen for this fantastic achievement!


Important Alert for Parents – Payment Diversion Fraud of School Funds

This alert is being issued because of increasing reports of payment diversion fraud – a fraud that involves falsely creating or diverting payments.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales have received several reports from charities that fraudsters are manipulating transactions between parents/guardians and schools. The fraudster contacts the parents/guardians outlining details and payment instructions for the latest school fees. Initial contact appears to primarily be made via email and usually when school holiday periods are approaching. The victim then makes the required payment into the bank account, which is in the control of the fraudster. By the time the fraud has been identified, the funds may have already disappeared. In several instances there has been a strong element of manipulation to the scam as often the fraudulent email promises a discount for early fee payments.

To raise awareness amongst parents/guardians, advising them of the following:

• Be alert to unexpected or notably increased fee requests. Always check email addresses and telephone numbers if a payment request is made.

• Be vigilant and always scrutinise requests to amend payment procedures. Don’t be afraid to question and to verify details if being asked to make fee payments into a new bank account. Always verify an email payment change request directly with the school, via the official, established contact details you have on file.

• If an email is unexpected or unusual, do not click on the links or open the attachments. Email addresses can be spoofed to appear as though it is an email from the school.

• Check for inconsistencies and grammatical errors in external emails, such as a misspelt school name or a slightly different email address; these can be warning signs of fraud.

Safeguarding Corner

Exams Stress and Pressure

As we move towards exam season, it is normal for students to be feeling under more pressure than normal. With this in mind, we have shared the link below with our students in case they want some strategies to help them navigate this important time. This is also being addressed in form times, assemblies and lesson times across the school. Should any student want further support, the pastoral team are always here to help. 

Exam stress and pressure | Childline

ParentWise – A helping hand for parents and carers

There is a new resource from the government to help parents navigate their way when they have concerns about their child. As children get older and more independent, issues that affect them can be harder to spot and deal with. Learning about potential dangers can give you the knowledge and skills to act if there is a problem.

Please see the link below:

ParentWise – A helping hand for parents and carers (campaign.gov.uk)

Online safety: Channel 4 Documentary

On 25th April, Channel 4 aired a documentary on the Metaverse, which looks at the harmful content young people could be exposed to on the 3D virtual online community. The documentary includes an interview with NSPCC’s Associate Head for Child Safety Online, Andy Burrows, in which he responds to the findings of the investigation.

Inside the Metaverse Are You Safe? Dispatches - All 4 (channel4.com)