06 May 2022

Primary High Notes 6th May 2022

Primary High Notes 6th May 2022

In my Primary assembly yesterday, I asked the children to be like Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon are both resilient and determined. They spend most of their life at sea, but make an epic journey back to the river or stream where they hatched so that they can lay their eggs, which could be a journey of 1000 miles. Not only do salmon travel a long way, they also need to swim upstream to reach the river or stream where they hatched. Salmon can be spotted jumping over weirs and waterfalls to get to their destination. In fact, they have been known to leap vertical obstacles more than 3 metres tall. Swimming against the flow of the stream, the salmon have to work hard to keep going, even though the water puts pressure on them. They need to find the strength to do the opposite of what is happening around them. The salmon can’t just go with the flow; they need to find the energy to swim against the current. Sometimes, we need to go against what is going on around us too. Sometimes, we need to have the courage to act or behave differently from other people, and I gave several examples relevant to the pupils. Perhaps you can think of relevant situations to discuss with your child.

This week we have welcomed a student from Ukraine whose family have been offered a home by the family of one of our students. Following discussions in March with our Governing Body, we have agreed to offer a number of places in five year groups in Primary (Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4) and in our Sixth Form to Ukrainian refugee children who are housed by Derby High parents. Please contact me directly over the next few weeks if you are successful in your application to provide a home for a Ukrainian family with children of the appropriate age range.

Year 6 pupils have had an unforgettable time on their residential this week. They have really impressed staff with their enthusiasm, confidence and outstanding behaviour throughout the week.

Best wishes,

Year 6 Residential Trip

It's been a very exciting week for Year 6! The year group enjoyed their three night residential trip to Willersley Castle in Matlock. Enjoying lots of outdoor pursuits, activities and adventures, the children took on their challenges with creativity, independence, confidence and so much more!



Year 3 Class Assembly

This afternoon, Year 3 performed their class assembly. The children were very excited about using their assembly to tell their parents all about their residential trip last term. With a delightful mixture of songs and acting, everyone enjoyed hearing about their adventures and the challenges they overcame.


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Megan in Lower Sixth has planned some wonderful activities with our primary pupils over the next few weeks. Megan kindly explains more below about what she has been doing this week:

‘To celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, I decided to undertake a project with the primary school. As Her Majesty has been on the throne for 70 years, it is a great opportunity to bring together the school community once again in celebration, doing art work and creative pieces. This week I have worked with year 2 and year 4 - alongside my amazing assistants Sarita and Ramneek! Year 2 have created tissue paper flags with scrunched up pieces of tissue paper in the design of the Union Jack. Year 4 have created stamp bunting which they can hang in their class rooms in the run up to the main celebrations in the next few weeks. I enjoyed working with the students, hearing what they have been learning about recently, and having fun making some great pieces of work. I am looking forward to working with reception, year 6 and year 3 next week.'



Food, Glorious Food – Reception Topic

Reception’s topic this half term is food glorious food. The children have planted their own vegetables, as well as making grass heads and starting a mini greenhouse experiment.



Reception are also completing a little science experiment, to learn about the changes to a seed and its life cycle.

Each child has made a mini greenhouse using a food bag, cotton wool and a bean seed. Now that they have wet the cotton wool, we will soon see the changes that happen to a seed. The children look forward to watching the first sprout and the roots beginning to grow.


DDCT Bee Netball Tournament

Yesterday, our Year 5 children took part in a DDCT Bee Netball Tournament. Our Year 5 team had to “step up” as the competition was actually for Year 6 students! With our Year 6 on their residential, we were confident that the Year 5 team would play well - and they certainly did!

With 8 other schools attending, playing in 3 rounds, Derby High School had a difficult start, losing their first 2 games. After a team talk from Miss Allum and Mrs Goodman, the children took on their advice and won their 3rd and 4th game. This meant that the team were through to the silver plate competition, playing 3 games to determine the winner. The team continued to improve through the tournament and this determination paid off! The team secured the victory and won the plate. Well done to all the players!

Junior Wolf Run (6km)

Amber (Year 4) and Harveen (Year 7) took part in the Junior Wolf Run in Warwickshire on Sunday, 24th April.  They completed 6km of wild running over an assault course with obstacles including a swamp pond, cargo nets, and monkey bars, finally finishing off with a mud bath! 

Congratulations to Amber and Harveen for this fantastic achievement!


Important Alert for Parents – Payment Diversion Fraud of School Funds

This alert is being issued because of increasing reports of payment diversion fraud – a fraud that involves falsely creating or diverting payments.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales have received several reports from charities that fraudsters are manipulating transactions between parents/guardians and schools. The fraudster contacts the parents/guardians outlining details and payment instructions for the latest school fees. Initial contact appears to primarily be made via email and usually when school holiday periods are approaching. The victim then makes the required payment into the bank account, which is in the control of the fraudster. By the time the fraud has been identified, the funds may have already disappeared. In several instances there has been a strong element of manipulation to the scam as often the fraudulent email promises a discount for early fee payments.

To raise awareness amongst parents/guardians, advising them of the following:

• Be alert to unexpected or notably increased fee requests. Always check email addresses and telephone numbers if a payment request is made.

• Be vigilant and always scrutinise requests to amend payment procedures. Don’t be afraid to question and to verify details if being asked to make fee payments into a new bank account. Always verify an email payment change request directly with the school, via the official, established contact details you have on file.

• If an email is unexpected or unusual, do not click on the links or open the attachments. Email addresses can be spoofed to appear as though it is an email from the school.

• Check for inconsistencies and grammatical errors in external emails, such as a misspelt school name or a slightly different email address; these can be warning signs of fraud.

Safeguarding Corner


An old but still a very good resource for younger children, Goldilocks is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale for parents to discuss all things social media with their children. It is free (PDF download) and there is an activity sheet to go with it.

You can download from the Vodafone website HERE.

Free Online Safety Game

FreeOnline Safety Game – Meet Bao the Panda! Buckinghamshire Council have developed an innovative, interactive resource to teach children with SEND about online safety. In partnership with colleagues in France and Sweden, this free resource helps children to navigate the internet safely and learn how to protect themselves online. In, Bao: It’s A Jungle Out There, players are introduced to Bao the panda who lives in the jungle. Bao is a keen explorer and wants to share information and photos of his adventures online but is unsure how to go about it. Players are asked to help Bao navigate his way safely through the jungle which, like the internet, poses risks and challenges along the way. As players make decisions on what Bao should do when faced with each new challenge, they are given scores to indicate whether it was a good or bad decision. The game is designed to be played with teachers or parents and includes guidance on how to discuss the issues raised and support young people in knowing what to do when faced with real-life interactions online. You can play by following the link here: Adeptly - Serious Learning Games

ParentWise – A helping hand for parents and carers

There is a new resource from the government to help parents navigate their way when they have concerns about their child. As children get older and more independent, issues that affect them can be harder to spot and deal with. Learning about potential dangers can give you the knowledge and skills to act if there is a problem.

Please see the link below:

ParentWise – A helping hand for parents and carers (campaign.gov.uk)