12 Nov 2021

Senior High Notes 12th November 2021

Senior High Notes 12th November 2021

It is always wonderful to hear how well Derby High alumni are doing in their careers. This week I was at Derby Royal with my daughter for a minor hand operation. Arriving in the anaesthetic room, we were greeted by the anaesthetist who told us she went to Derby High, completing her A levels some 12 years ago. She spoke fondly of her time at the school, and it was clear she is very much enjoying her work. Also this week we received some lovely news about two of our more recent alumni, Louise and Hannah, who completed their A levels in 2018. They were successful in gaining places on the very first JCB Degree Apprenticeship course in Business and Management. We were delighted to hear that they have both graduated with 1st class Honours degrees from Sheffield Hallam as part of their apprenticeships.

These are just two examples of fantastic successes for our alumni. We are very proud of their achievements and love hearing from our past Derby High students.

Best wishes

Derby High School Share Competition

Staff and students are invited to participate in the DHS Share Game. Based around the FTSE100 (the 100 biggest UK companies on the London Stock Exchange) you have £20,000 to invest in 3 companies.

The aim is to identify companies that will increase in value over the next year. All companies in the FTSE100 can be found here (https://www.londonstockexchange.com/indices/ftse-100/constituents/table). This video will help you to understand how the stock market works. (https://youtu.be/F3QpgXBtDeo)

Weekly League Tables will be published for all to see and remember that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in!

The DHS Investor of the Year will be the entrant that has the highest valued portfolio of shares on Friday 27th May 2022.

You have until the markets open (08:00) on 15th November 2021 to enter. Share prices will be based on the opening prices on 15th November for all entries. For staff and students to enter please complete this form: https://forms.gle/zscWZexhFFokKPLp7

Good luck to you all!


U5 French

This week U5 French have presented their work on some black historical figures in France. We discussed the challenges of being part of a minority, often repressed or at least alienated just because of their appearance. What have these figures done to overcome these challenges? Come and have a look at the display on the top corridor!

A Lunchtime Disco for L5

On Tuesday, Chester in Year 10 was the DJ for the L5 year. In the sports hall the students danced together while watching the screen (Just Dance). It is a great way for them to relax for half an hour. YMCA was definitely the winner! 



Getting into Character for RS

L6 have been going back in time and getting into character in Religious Studies, in order to bring ethical theories to life. They went back to the 1960s to create and perform an investigative news report into the growing popularity of a new ethical theory. The news team (Bethan and Megan) fielded comments from The Pope (Ramneek) who raised his concerns over the future of society if this theory gains more popularity and a self-confessed hippy (Alex) who claimed 'all you need is love'. A hilarious and well executed news report - well done, L6!

Language Power

This week MFL A level students attended a webinar with University of East Anglia. Language Power – Learning a Language for a more sustainable climate. They explored how a change of perspective can make a huge difference in covering a topic in the context of language learning. From concrete examples, such as one linked to the Tarahumara indigenous peoples in Chihuaha, Mexico, they were able to see the impact that teaching and learning can make to contribute to a fairer world.

Lunchtime Recital at Derby Cathedral

Four talented musicians from our Sixth Form performed last Friday lunchtime in a recital at the Derby National Gathering in Derby Cathedral. Organised by the Cathedral Music Trust, Hannah, Bethan, Charlotte and Ben were delighted to perform to the Friends of Cathedral Music and their guests. It was a wonderful recital and marvellous to be performing music to an audience at Derby Cathedral again. Well done to all the performers and thank you for your remarkable performances.




Cross Country – East and West Derbyshire Qualifier

This week we took a mini bus full of students to compete in the East and West Cross Country Qualifier at Moorways Stadium. It was a very successful day for our students, with 13 runners finishing in the top 10 for their age group and distance, qualifying for the county race in late January. Cross country is both a physically and mentally demanding sport, our students dug deep and impressed us with their determination and resilience. A special mention to our GCSE PE students, who competed as part of their practical assessment and from that group 3 students came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their race. Well done to all of our runners!


L4 and U4 Football V’s Twycross House School

Another wonderful afternoon of football for the L4 and U4 football team took place this glorious Wednesday afternoon.  Again the standard of football being played is improving and sections of the game were impressive and evidence of the hard work every student has put in this term.  The boys were lead in midfield by an excellent performance from Alfie (U4). Although we did not claim victory, we demonstrated a much improved second half performance, where we passed with more accuracy.  As always, the sportsmanship and behaviour was impeccable, well done all.

U12 Football at Derby City Year 7 Football Tournament

On the 3rd November the U12 girls travelled to Lees Brook School for the Derby City Year 7 Football Tournament.

The games, competing against Lees Brook and Derby Moor, were played in great spirits and the girls were extremely excited to represent the school. Some brilliant football was played by both teams and the girls all supported each other. We remained undefeated in both games due to the defensive efforts of Izzy, Lalya and Lucy. The final scores in both games was 0-0, but we had lots of scoring opportunities and our defence was resolute.


Sport Fixtures

All sport fixtures are now in our calendar in the Derby High Parent Portal. Please do log into the Parent Portal to view all the calendar events for this half term. To log in please click here.   

If you experience any problems logging into the portal please email networkadmins@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk, thank you.

Home Work Diaries

In Key Stage 3 in particular, it is encouraged that form tutors check homework diaries on a regular basis, and also check that these are being signed by parents. We particularly encourage dialogue between pupils and parents about homework, so that parents have an understanding of what work they are completing and also to monitor their 'time taken'. Form tutors do check diary signing on a regular basis, so please be aware that your child may show you their diary and ask for a parent to sign this on a weekly basis.