08 Oct 2021

Senior High Notes 8th October 2021

Senior High Notes 8th October 2021

In my live assembly this morning it was wonderful to be able to present the first House trophy of the year for House Netball, when the House Captain of St Andrew came down to my office during assembly to receive the trophy.

I am looking forward to many more house events as the year goes on - it is such an important part of life here at Derby High.  I then talked about the film I watched with my family last Friday. I had been looking forward to watching it for ages. Free Guy, which stars Ryan Reynolds is about Guy who thinks his world is perfect. “My name is Guy, and I live in paradise,” he says in the early moments of Free Guy. His days are unchanging: he greets his goldfish, raises the blinds, eats breakfast while watching the news, heads off to work. He picks up coffee on the way — cream and two sugars, always — and cracks some corny joke with the barista. Meeting up with his friend Buddy, he settles in for another day as a bank teller.

Guy lives in Free City, which, to the outsider’s eye, is obviously not paradise. Cars are constantly crashing on the streets. People are routinely shot; buildings explode; fights break out. The bank where Guy works gets robbed every day, like clockwork. But he thinks it’s perfect, because he is programmed to think it’s perfect. Guy is a character in an open-world video game called Free City — think of The Sims crossed with Grand Theft Auto. He and Buddy are “non-playing characters,” which is a term for the bystanders and extras who mill about in the background, getting run over or shot or otherwise disregarded by the people actually playing the game. This movie is designed to prompt the audience to examine their assumptions, stop feeling “stuck,” and start living - give life meaning by making deliberate choices, then take responsibility for those choices. But when you’re worn down and tired, it’s hard to imagine choosing any path other than the one of least resistance. That’s likely why the cheery conclusion of Free Guy is that we don’t just need to take charge of our own lives; if we want to save our world from becoming like Free City, we need to resist the people who try to construct our realities for us and find a way to live outside their grasp (or at least find a better way to live). It’s a strong message, and a relevant one – make your own decisions, take control of your own path and resist those who try to construct your reality.

Best Wishes

Speaker for World Space Week

On Monday, we welcomed Professor Amaury Triaud, a professor in exoplanetology at Birmingham University, to speak to our students (via Microsoft Teams) during World Space Week.

Professor Triaud gave a brief overview of one area of his research, which focuses on how planets with sizes and temperatures similar to Earth that orbit smaller stars in our galaxy are identified. He briefly discussed how data, including spectral information from the atmosphere of these planets, indicate their potential ability to support life.

It was an excellent overview of a fascinating topic and was well attended by students from all year groups. Our students asked many wide-ranging questions, which seemed to go some way to satisfying their desire to know if there is life out there in the wider universe! We are deeply indebted to Professor Triaud for agreeing to speak at short notice to support World Space Week at Derby High.


News from MFL Department

This week the French department has been busy. 

For Black History Month (le mois de l’Histoire Noire), students can research information about these famous francophones persons, on display in the top corridor.

Also, A Level students are researching about French presidential candidates. All their work will be displayed on the top corridor. This display will change depending on the polls during the campaign. 

Que le/la meilleur(e) gagne! (May the best win!)



ESFA Girls’ Playstation Cup

Congratulations to everyone involved in the English Schools Football Association Girls Under 14 Playstation Cup game against St John Houghton School. The girls battled really hard to keep the strong opposition to a goalless draw in the first half.  Although not victorious, the girls played with great enthusiasm and really enjoyed their first opportunity to play in a national competition.  It was a fantastic team performance, where we defended resolutely for the vast majority of the game.  A special mention must go to Kitty (U4), Sofia (U4), Claire (U4), and Harmony (U4) who were extremely resilient in defence and Alana (U4) who made some fantastic saves as goalkeeper.

U19 County Netball Tournament

Our Sixth Form netball squad headed to Repton this week to take part in their first fixture as a new team. We knew it was going to be a challenge, only a few training sessions in, and with a completely new squad, it was going to be a tough afternoon competing against some of the best school teams in the county. The tournament consisted of 8 teams, playing a round robin, with the top 2 teams going through to the national finals. We came away with 1 win and some very close near wins.  Although that may seem disappointing, you would not have been able to tell from the positive attitudes our students presented throughout the entire competition. We are really proud of the team, they gave 100% in every game, listened to advice from the side line, played out of positions and their team work and games got better and better as the afternoon went on. Well done!


Lachlan Completes his Kids First Contact Rugby Coaching Badge Award

Lachlan, Year 10, has been playing rugby since he was 5 and has recently completed his Kids First Contact Rugby Coaching Badge Award which enables him to coach under 13s, he was thrilled to be asked by the PE Department to support our Primary School after school tag rugby club on Wednesdays.

He is also doing his England Rugby Referees Award. Good luck and well done Lachlan!

The Wales and West End of Season Show

Last weekend Darcy L6 competed in The Wales and West End of Season Show. Darcy and her horse, Pippa competed in a number of classes in show jumping. The Friday 1m classes saw Darcy and Pippa place 5th and 6th, despite the cold and wet weather – well done! On Saturday Darcy and Pippa faced 2 more classes, although the first class didn’t go as well as expected, they fared better in the second class. Lots of riders pulled out of the competitions due to the wet and cold weather, well done to Darcy for sticking out the Friday and Saturday classes!


Congratulations to William

Congratulations to William in Year 8. William plays for Repton Hockey Club and has recently competed in the England Hockey Tier 1 Championships. His team won their game, with a convincing score of 4-1. We wish him lucking in the next tier, which will be played in November. Well done, William!

Annual Data Check

Further to the High Post on 24th September please can we remind all parents to complete our annual data check. It is essential this is completed by all parents to ensure all data is up to date. Thank you.

Safeguarding Corner

An increasingly popular app with students is Discord, where they can talk to their friends whilst online doing other things.  Here is a useful parent guide:

Discord app safety – What parents need to know | Internet Matters