17 Sep 2021

Primary High Notes 17th September 2021

Primary High Notes 17th September 2021

On Wednesday it was lovely to hear the enthusiasm and excitement from all of our Primary pupils taking part in their tennis lessons with our tennis coach Mr Salmon. It is wonderful to have tennis coaching all year round with such an excellent qualified coach.

I am sure, like me, you were gripped with the US Open last week - such incredible tennis being played by very talented athletes. In my live assembly yesterday, we watched some of the highlights from the women’s final between Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez. Emma went through 10 rounds to get to the final without losing a set, absolutely incredible. But, my assembly wasn’t about winning or the journey to get there. I shared the story of Emma at Wimbledon earlier this summer and Dr Tim Brabants (Olympic Gold medallist in the 100m kayak sprint). Both of these athletes have been outstanding in their sports, with high hopes and expectations pinned on them. For Emma this was at Wimbledon earlier this year, where she had to withdraw from the 4th round due to breathing difficulties, many said it was too much for her. Tim Brabants went into the Athens Olympics in 2004 at the top of his game, having medalled at European and World Championships in the lead up to the Games. In the heat he set a world best time, a time that would have won the final. However, in the final he came fifth, missing out on the medals. For both Emma and Tim, they could have seen these situations as failures and given up. Instead they both worked hard and came back. For Emma it was winning the US Open, for Tim it was winning Gold at the Beijing Olympics four years later.


What can we learn from these two athletes? Sometimes we are not going to win, get the top mark in a piece of work or miss out on our goal which we have been working towards. It does not mean you have failed, simply that you aren’t there yet.

My advice to our pupils when they don’t quite reach their goals is to take time out, re-evaluate, find out how to improve, ask for help using the team around you (teachers, parents and friends) and most importantly keep trying because with belief and determination you will, in time, reach your goals.

Best Wishes

Mr Salmon on BBC News

It was great to see our tennis coach, Mr Salmon talking on BBC News Sunday morning about the 2021 US Open women's final. To watch Mr Salmon on the news – click here.


Derby High Parent Portal Launch

Over the summer break we have changed our MIS provider and we are delighted to announce we are now ready to launch our Derby High Parent Portal.

Yesterday at 1:30pm all parents received an email from Mrs Chapman detailing how to access our new parent portal.

Within the portal, parents are able to view information relating to their child. Ahead of our annual data check which will be communicated next week, it is essential parents update contact information via the portal by clicking the “My Contact Information” tab.  Please do this by Monday 20th September.

If you have any issues logging into our new parent portal please email networkadmins@debyhigh.derby.sch.uk.

Year 5 Visit the National Space Centre

Year 5 experienced their first trip of the year on Tuesday. ….A thrilling visit to the National Space Centre.  The excitement on their faces was obvious as they walked through the front doors to the spectacular sights of the solar system, astronauts and rockets!  After flying through space to explore the different planets in the Planetarium, they made the journey to the top of the rockets on display, investigating the mission details for many of the previous space explorations.  After lunch, they took part in a workshop and learnt about the phases of the moon, why we have seasons and how the Earth, Moon and Sun are all connected.  It was an amazing day of learning!


Year 3 Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

On Monday Year 3 joined in the global celebration of Roald Dahl today. The children had fun and celebrated the magic that he brought and continues to bring to children everywhere. Their fancy dress costumes looked amazing and we enjoyed seeing them all in character!


Pragya’s Fundraising Campaign For Calcutta Rescue

Pragya, Year 6, has launched a digital art exhibition and invites all the children across the globe to contribute with their piece of art based on the theme "Kindness".

Some wonderful art work has been submitted from both UK and India, with £291 raised so far. To read more on Pragya’s campaign, click here to read an article in Telegraph India. 

The image of the artwork can be emailed to Nabarupa.Mukherjee@gmail.com. The submission deadline is 30th September 2021. Please mention your child's name and age in the email. The submitted artwork will be displayed in Calcutta Rescue's social media page.

To donate please click here to be directed to Pragya’s Just Giving page. Well done to Pragya for launching this campaign, this is an amazing initiative.

Message from Miss Stirland, Director of Sport

Hello, I hope everyone is settled back into their new routines and enjoying taking part in sport again, both inside and out of school. I love to hear and share all of the sporting achievements you get up to outside of school. If you’ve played for your club at a football match at the weekend and got player of the match, competed in a dance competition or ran in an athletics race – I want to hear about it! Please email me all the details at bstirland@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk along with a picture (if possible) to share on High Notes. Thank you.

Safeguarding News

This week's safeguarding corner comes from the National Online Safety Centre and is a parent guide to social media scams. It is really familiarising yourself with these key points so that you know what to watch for and can talk to your children about it. Download here: Free Online Safety Guide | Social Media Scams | National Online Safety