04 Sep 2021

Senior High Notes 3rd September

Senior High Notes 3rd September

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are now ready to settle back into the new academic year. The children have come back to school with a renewed energy and readiness for learning, and it has been so lovely to see them all again and to catch up with their summer news. The school is alive with excited voices again and it is brilliant to be back. 

A warm welcome to all of our new students and staff - we have more students than ever before and much to look forward to. 
I would like to welcome our new members of staff: Mrs Jennifer Bower-Gormley (History), Mrs Catherine Maddox (Drama), Mr Rob Moorhouse (PE), Dr Simba Ngwerume (Science), Mrs Bella Saunder (RS), Mrs Emma Swallow (Science) and Mr Gavin King (Head of Social Science). Mrs Cath McBeth joins us as Head of Learning Enhancement, a new role incorporating SENCO in both Primary and Seniors. If you would like to discuss your child’s additional needs please contact Mrs McBeth by email CMcBeth@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk

Students’ hard work, coupled with the expertise of our staff, has ensured well-deserved success across both A level and GCSE this year. Our academic record continues to be particularly strong, with 56% of our 2021 A level grades being awarded A*, while 85% were A*/A grades (compared to 44.8% nationally). 72% of the year group achieved straight A*/As. In GCSEs this summer, an impressive 37% of grades overall were awarded the elusive top grade 9, and a remarkable 60% of grades at 9-8. 18 students achieved all 9–8 grades in their subjects, which is equivalent to them achieving A* grades across all of their subjects under the old system. I would like to thank all our staff for the unstinting and conscientious hard work that has been put into this year’s results and our parents for their unceasing support of our aims and ambitions for these wonderful young people.

As always, we are more than happy to help you, should you have any further queries at this stage in the term. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Best wishes,

Student Achievements during Our Summer Break  
It’s wonderful to hear news about our students and finding out what they have been doing over the summer break. 

Staffordshire Young Musician of the Year 

On July 4th Jessica (Year 8) took part in the Junior Vocal Final of Staffordshire Young Musician of the Year, after being selected for the final four junior vocal singers. 
For the competition Jessica had to learn three pieces, one of which was all in German. A fantastic achievement, well done!

Derbyshire County Close Tennis Tournament

Congratulations to Tia (Year 8) who took part in the Derbyshire County Close Tennis Tournament over the summer break. Tia played exceptionally well and was winner in the 12u and 18u girls’ events. Tia was also runner up in the 14u and 16u girls’ event. Well done!

Independent Gymnastics Association National Championships.

Millie (Year 10) took part in an online competition for artistic gymnastics. She secured 2 silver and 2 golds making Millie the level 3 national champion. Well done, Millie!

Safegaurding Corner

It will have been an exhausting couple of days for all of our students and they will need their sleep this weekend!  Sleep will help them relax, re-boot and face the challenges of the week ahead with positivity, energy and focus.

Here's some useful pointers from The Sleep Charity Children - The Sleep Charity