14 May 2021

Senior High Notes 14th May 2021

Senior High Notes 14th May 2021

Another incredibly busy week has flown by here at Derby High. Firstly I want to congratulate our Year 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students who undertook their practice expedition last weekend. If you cast your mind back to last Saturday you may remember the terrible rain we experienced throughout the day. This group of students worked brilliantly together, in tough conditions, to navigate and complete their walk, having camped on the school field the night before. I would like to thank the staff who camped out and supported these students, ensuring that this trip was able to go ahead despite current restrictions.

Our U5 and U6 returned to lessons on Monday following their exams. We have all been hugely impressed with how they continue to manage the changing regulations and procedures with A levels and GCSEs.

Despite the less than summer-like weather, it has been lovely to see many of our students using our outdoor spaces at lunch and break as well as during their lessons. It is so important for us all to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and time away from the desk.

Best wishes,

Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Sixth Form students have been getting outside and enjoying the trim trail during form time!

U31 have been doing daily form walks, either during form time, or at lunch. They have undertaken a step challenge and this has encouraged the students and Mrs Ley to get quite competitive, with many students getting over 15000 yesterday (24000 for Mrs Ley!).  They have also been getting outside, taking photos of beautiful views or photos of themselves outside.


Mr Lee's assembly to both Primary and Senior students on Tuesday, discussed the topic of self-care and how we can respond if things don't go as we'd hoped.  Do we make excuses and blame everything on others, even if we know we could have done things differently, or do we blame everything on ourselves, even if we did our best and there's nothing more we could reasonably have done?  The trick is to find a balance, a sweet spot, "just right", like Goldilocks!

TASS – workshop

U5 and L6 TASS athletes had an online workshop with Team Derby on Thursday. This week’s focus was return to play following injury. From small strains to more serious, long term ligament injuries.

Carnegie Book Award

L4 are getting stuck into the "Carnegie book award" shortlisted books. Aiming to read all 8 books, as well as rate and review books, they have contributed to this display in the library: 

They have also created a magazine of reviews which you can read here. https://carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/group-magazine/4089/  

The deadline for votes is the end of half term, after which the books will be available for the whole school community to borrow.

Duke of Edinburgh, by Tabitha, L5

For our practice Bronze DofE expedition, we battled all of the elements on our long hike! We camped on the school field on the Friday; pitching our tents, cooking on trangias, chatting and playing cards with one another.  The evening was really nice and sunny, however we awoke the next morning to the sound of rain hammering against the tents! Despite this, we persisted with the expedition, and we all got on a bus, and started walking from Brailsford at 9am with the aim to be back at school for 4pm. We walked in groups of sixes and sevens, and practised navigating with compasses, maps and route cards (although the maps got a bit soggy). It rained all day, but thankfully we made it home safe (although not so dry). Our next expedition- in June will be the real thing, so we are hoping for better weather, and that we’ll find the navigation a little easier, as we did get a bit lost at times!


L6 Geography Fieldwork

This week L6 Geographers spent time conducting fieldwork around the school site. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we haven’t been able to go on our usual trips, so to ensure that our practical Geography skills develop, we have been investigating elements of the water cycle around the school. Here are our L6 cohort measuring infiltration rates, where we compared grassed against wooded areas. We learnt how valuable the wooded area to the front of school is, working as a sponge that intercepts rainfall, leaving plenty of room for water storage in the soil below which in turn helps prevent flooding in the local area.

‘The Spirit of Duffield’ Photography Competition

Congratulations to Elspeth (Y10) who had her photograph of a snowy sunrise in Duffield commended by judges in this competition.  Well done!

Congratulations, Jessica!

Congratulations to Jessica in L4 for making history last week, when she played in the first girls cricket match for Rolleston Cricket Club, since the club was formed 150 years ago! Jessica’s team is called The Wrens and Jessica played two matches against Hilton and Walton. This is a great step in the right direction for girls and women’s cricket and Jessica should be proud that she is a role model for other girls! 

What is Covered in a Positive Social Session?

This half term we had a visit in the Senior School by Mark Saxby from Positive Social. Mark spent time with our students in Year 9, explaining how to be safe on social media,. To watch a video of Mark explaining to parents what was covered in these sessions please click here.


Our local Police Community Support Officer has been in touch regarding e-scooters.  Whilst these are legally available to purchase, it is an offence to ride and e-scooter in public, including on paths, pavements and roads.  E-scooters require a driving license and insurance and if caught without, a person can receive an on the spot fine and six penalty points.  Officers will take action if they come across a person using an e-scooter and they wanted us to make parents aware.

Safeguarding Corner

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, the BBC have created this useful article and video about how to spot the signs of anxiety. Find out more here:

A new resource has been released from the London Grid for Learning with some great tips about how to keep your child safe online. You can find the top tips here: 

Home (lgfl.net)

Everyone’s Invited: 0800 136 663

The NSPCC has been commissioned by the DfE to set up an independent helpline for children, parents and professionals to seek expert, sensitive advice from the NSPCC and safely report abuse that has happened or is happening in educational settings. The helpline is a dedicated line for children and young people who have been victims of abuse and for worried adults and professionals that need support and guidance. Run by fully-trained NSPCC helpline staff, they will offer advice for anyone concerned about current or non-recent abuse.

The helpline number is 0800 136 663 Monday to Friday 8am – 10pm or 9am – 6pm at the weekends, and email address is help@nspcc.org.uk. For more information, click here.