12 Mar 2021

Primary High Notes 12th March 2021

Primary High Notes 12th March 2021

Combine a Tinkerbell quote, a duet from Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and a song from the Shrek movie and you have my Primary assembly this week! The important message behind all of this was that when you believe in yourself, what seems impossible might just be possible. Sometimes we are faced with great obstacles in our own lives – conflict with our friends, family break-up, stress, worries about school, Covid-19 – and we think that it is impossible to find a solution. Yet, even in those situations, if we persevere and believe in ourselves, a way forward often seems to open up. The lyrics from “I’m a believer” by the Monkees which featured in the first Shrek movie and Mariah and Whitney’s duet “When you believe” from animation film The Prince of Egypt, both look at how important having belief in yourself is to help move your own mountains and achieve what at first might seem impossible.

“All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust", Peter Pan. 

This is a wonderful quote to live by. Believe in yourself, trust in others, and trust in yourself. You have to give yourself a fighting chance for success then love, wonder and magic will happen.

It has been wonderful having all of our pupils back in school this week. To have the school full of laughter, chatter and smiles is fantastic. We have all been so impressed with how everyone has managed the transition back into in-person learning. Our Primary teachers have ensured their pupils have been supported fully, through lots of team building situations and wellbeing activities alongside their academic learning.

Best Wishes

Year 1 and 2 Thank You Cards

This week Year 1 and 2 have thought about all of the people and places that have helped our community during lockdown. The children each created a thank you card that will be posted to the place they have chosen from doctors’ surgeries, to fire stations and local shops! We all really appreciate the effort that so many people have gone to in order to keep us safe and well during this lockdown.


Year 1 and 2 Outdoor Activities  

On Thursday afternoon, Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time outdoors taking part in Forest School activities. The children were so happy and excited to look for signs of spring, run in the wind, build dens, create a camp fire and eat delicious cakes that we had baked earlier in the day. They also enjoyed a nice warm cup of hot chocolate next to the fire. It was a lovely afternoon that was enjoyed by all of the children and staff involved!


Back to School – Teambuilding and Problem Solving

On Monday we started the day with some teambuilding and problem solving activities on the field! Year 4 found an alternative way of using masks (as blindfolds) by playing a game called ‘Robots’, using verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They were also challenged with crossing the trim-trail in teams with either a ball, a cup of water or a plate of water! Finally, they ended with a code-breaking relay race! Great collaboration, Year 4.


Year 4 Drama, Say it Another Way

We all know the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty however, Year Four had great fun experimenting in drama by using their bodies and voices to retell the rhyme in another way – they had the choices of – like a toddler, a newsreader, a teacher, upset, excited, shocked, in a hurry and tired. Can you guess from the pictures which ones they chose?


OAA- Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

This week we started our 3 week block on OAA activities in our Primary Games Afternoon. The children had to work together to complete a scavenger hunt, collecting items that had been hidden around the school field, as well as finding natural elements such as pine cones and plants. The children were then set the challenge of creating a picture from their scavenged items. The children came up with some created themes for their pictures, such as Harry Potter and landscape scenes. Fantastic team work was demonstrated by our children and here is a snippet of some wonderful pictures the children designed.


Calling All Banjos!

Thank you everyone who participated in the Banjo Music Challenge. We are looking forward to sharing a video very soon.

In the meantime, please do bring your banjo into school so we can make a wonderful music display with your creations!

Stephen Fry and Twinkle Resources

Twinkle Resources provide a range of teacher created materials and have posted a video on Facebook from Stephen Fry, we would like to share it with all our parents. Stephen Fry is encouraging all parents to turn on the subtitles. Research has shown that they can double the chance of a child becoming good at reading.

Weekend PE Challenge

The ‘plank’ challenge. Open to all pupils, staff and parents!

Take a photo of yourself performing a plank in an unusual place (on a walk, in your house or garden, on your own or with other family members.) Take the photo and email it to the PE dept. These will then have the chance to be featured on our social media accounts next week.

Running corner:

Remember running club is still happening, it’s open to all staff, students, parents and alumni - join us on Strava or tag us on Twitter.


Healthy Sleep Tips for Children

Good sleep is important for your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. The NHS web site has lots of useful and helpful tips on healthy sleep for children and teenagers.  Here are some links you may find useful:

Healthy sleep tips for children. Click here.

Healthy sleep tips for teenagers. Click here.

Safeguarding Corner

Whats App

To read “What parents and carers need to know about WhatsApp”, issued by National Online Safety please click here. Please note that the age restriction is 16+ for this app.

DITTO Magazine

Here is the link to this month's DITTO magazine on Online Safety, written specifically for teachers and parents. Do have a look! 

Direct download (PDF document) HERE