26 Feb 2021

Primary High Notes 26th February 2021

Primary High Notes 26th February 2021

In my Primary assembly yesterday I made a bit of a mess with a tube of toothpaste! I used the tube of toothpaste to illustrate how difficult it is to take something back after it has been said or done. Just like our words or actions, once you squirt toothpaste out of the tube, it is impossible to get it all back in. It is very easy to say or do something unkind, untruthful or untrue but it is very difficult to take it back - once it has been said or done all you can do is apologise but the damage has been done. This is also very true in the world of social media, once a message or post is out there, it is part of your digital footprint and could come back to haunt you later on.

I asked the children to THINK before they speak or do something:

Spring is starting to pop up everywhere - crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths - and with so much hope ahead with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we are really looking forward to welcoming all the children back to school on the 8th March. Preparations are well underway to safely bring the whole community back together. I will be writing to all parents early next week with the full details. The procedures and processes in place will be the same as the Autumn Term, where we successfully navigated the whole term without a bubble bursting in the Primary School.

Best wishes,

The Primary Banjo Challenge

Due to the popularity of the Primary Percussion Challenge before the half term break, we are excited to announce that Mrs Cooke has launched a new challenge. In Music lessons this week, the children have been discussing the six generations of Country music.

All parents will receive a High Post with PDF document outlining instructions on how you can help your child complete the challenge, along with links to videos explaining what to do. In summary, we are asking children to make their own banjo to play along to Cotton Eye Joe! Please record your child playing along and then send the video to us by 5pm Monday 8th March. 

We do hope your child enjoys this fun challenge; we look forward to receiving your videos!

Year 5 Astronauts!

This week, Year 5 tried their hands at piloting a spacecraft with the intention of docking it with the International Space station.  They used the SpaceX – ISS Docking simulator and had mixed results!

Some were very successful, but many failed and either ‘lost’ the ISS or destroyed their own craft or the ISS itself! 

Undeterred, several children, inspired by this as well as the recent Mars landing, have decided that being an astronaut in the future is a definite possibility!

If you would like to use the simulator yourself, you can do so by following this link:


Good luck astronauts! 



Running Challenge

If you are looking to increase your current running pace or simply enjoy a challenge, then have a go at this: Run for 7 mins, record your distance, stop and rest for 3 mins, run for another 7 mins and record the overall total distance achieved. This is a great way of pushing your pace faster and allows you to check progress during your running training.  To give you an example, Mrs Goodman tried it out during half term, her first 7 minute time was 1.49km, her second 7 minute time was 1.51km, giving her a total distance of 3km.  See if you can beat her!

Year 4 Surrealism

For their final piece of work on Surrealism last half term, Year Four created their very own surrealist self-portraits – everyone enjoyed having a look at their rather unusual creations! Super work, Year 4!


Harry Potter Potions

This week, Year 4 have had great fun creating potions, linking with their Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book study! They started by helping Dr E-B and Mrs Hamilton find ingredients for a marking potion – Year 4 had some fabulous ideas, including colour changing ink, cheetah’s fur (for speed) and a spoonful of time! They then moved on to creating their own creative potions – Jakey had the fabulous idea of a ‘Stay Muted Potion’ as he often is so enthusiastic in lessons, he forgets to keep himself muted! Fantastic work, Jakey!

Half Term Fun

It was really lovely to see all the fabulous activities Year 4 got up to in half term. Lily recommended a Harry Potter drawing class – have a look at Eesha and Aarav’s amazing creations. Some other examples include; Peter and Finian made pancakes, Trisha made a rainbow cake, Corey made some incredible dioramas linking to our new science topic, Hana went outdoors to create some wall art and Jacob’s quail eggs hatched! What a busy half term!



Derby High Little Learners Club

We are excited to launch Derby High Little Learners Club. Free, live and online every Friday morning at 10am in March 2021.

Open to all 2 to 4 year olds in the Derby area. Join us online for fun games, sing songs and engaging activities with our specialist teaching staff. If any current parents know of any friends and family who may wish to join us online please do spread the word. Thank you. To sign up go to https://www.derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk/little-learners-club

Pre-School and Reception Help Filming!

This week the Wrens and Reception joined in to create fun and interactive videos for our new Derby High Little Leaners Club, launching next Friday morning. Miss Stirland and Reception recorded an energetic PE video and Miss Holmes recorded two lively story times with the Wrens. The children were wonderful in front of the camera!



Safeguarding Corner

We are all overjoyed by the news that we will be returning to school on the 8th March.  However, for a minority, this will be less than welcome news.

If your child(ren) are feeling anxious about the return to school, here are a couple of useful websites. 

This one https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/coronavirus/returning-school-after-lockdown/tips-parents-carers-return-to-school is written for parents and contains guidance on how to support your children.  You could also guide them to a website such as this which has lots of support and advice regarding the fears they may have and how to deal with them.


Online Critical Thinking Guide

Internet Matters have put together a very useful, comprehensive guide for children to assist with critical thinking on a range of topics, such as fake news, making personal information, managing relationships and much more. There is advice and guidance for children and young people, as well as activities that you can do with your children.
Click HERE for the guide.

Warning - increased and concerning app use

Omegle is an app and a website and last week there was a lot of reporting in regards to a surge in usage, particularly teens and younger children. The BBC have reported that they carried out an investigation and found a significant amount of disturbing content.
You can view the BBC news article HERE