05 Feb 2021

Senior High Notes 5th February 2021

Senior High Notes 5th February 2021

We can all think of at least one song that, when we hear it, triggers an emotional response. It might be a song that accompanied the first dance at your wedding, or a song that reminds you of something that has happened. That one song that is your go-to tune, it might bring back special memories or simply gets you up dancing when you really need it. For me, it is Wake Me Up by Avicii. It reminds me of the 4 years I spent living and working in the North of Scotland, it’s a song that really gets me going when I might not feel like it. I played this tune at the beginning of my assembly today, and it was lovely to see students and teachers alike bopping along to it.

American musician Billy Joel said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Most of us would wholeheartedly agree with this statement, and it is this universal bond with music that has led researchers across the globe to investigate its therapeutic potential.

Music can be really powerful. It has the power to change our feelings, emotions and moods. Music can make us feel joyful, sad, angry or frightened. Studies have shown that music can lift our moods, combat depression, improve blood flow, lower levels of stress-related hormones, and ease pain. A recent study reported that levels of the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain rose by up to nine percent when people listened to music they enjoyed.

The idea of music as a comfort is nothing new - more than 400 years ago, William Shakespeare said, “music can raze out the written troubles of the brain.” People are turning to music as a way to deal with the stresses of modern digital-driven life.

Earlier this week I asked Derby High staff to share their favourite song. I was overwhelmed with the response and the range of music our staff listen to! From Happy by Pharrell Williams, because it was the anthem for the Year 6 residential and brings back many happy memories, to The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys, which this member of staff first heard with their best friend when they were 11 and every Friday night they still listen to it. 

Elton John said “Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” And so at the end of the assembly I sent the whole school the playlist of all favourites from members of staff, giving them time to choose a song and get ready for the day ahead.

Best Wishes, 

Astro Club

We’re very excited to announce that we have secured a great speaker at Astro Club next week – Thursday 11th February.  We will be talking to Professor William Chaplain from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham.

Safety Band

Our business prefect, Naiya in U6, has started her own business ‘Safety Band’ and it is up and running. The Twitter and Instagram is @safety_bands.  The website is: https://safetyband.co.uk/
In light of current social-distancing guidelines, Safety Bands was created to help people feel more comfortable by providing a way to silently communicate their distancing preferences.  The bands are intended to be worn in places where large groups of people gather – at trade shows, in office buildings, places of worship etc.  Safety Band, let them know where you stand.  Well done, Naiya!

DHS Geography Challenge

This week we had 76 players taking part and the top 3 were:

1. Lexi (U5)
2. PeaceofGod (U5)
3. Emmie (U4)
Well done to all players and keep an eye out for next week’s quiz which will be released on Monday!


We recently received results from LAMDA exams, taken before Christmas and we’re pleased to say, they were outstanding!  Well done to all those students who took the exams.

The Art & Design Photography Competition 

This competition is an opportunity for both students and staff to get creative.  The theme this year is ‘Reflection’ so think about things like unusual surfaces, viewpoints, patterns, and abstract images, be creative in your thinking and composing.

Photographs can be taken on a camera or phone camera as long is the resolution is of a good quality.  There will be a first place and runner up in each category: U3-U4/ L5-U6.

Photographic entries need to be emailed as a Jpeg file to Mrs Martin-Smith (smartin-smith@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk) and clearly state your full name and form group.

The closing date for the competition is Friday 26th March.  An exhibition of all of the photographic entries will go on a virtual display for you all to enjoy.

Derby High Running Club

Derby High Running Club has really taken off, with lots of members from across the school; lots of staff, students and parents have got involved either through Teams or using our Strava running club. Lots of tips have been shared from beginner 5km tips to ‘how to do a tempo run’.

Here are some of our top running tips:

  • If you are just starting out in your running journey, build up both time and mileage. Run/ walk combinations are a great way to get started.
  • If you are an established runner looking or improve your times then try a tempo run or some sprint intervals.

If you are struggling to get past the 5km distance, use a training plan to help you move towards 10km.

We are still open for new members either to teams or to our Strava club!

Derby, England, United Kingdom Club | Derby High School running club on Strava


Following on from Mrs Chapman’s assembly on the power of music, Mr Lee would like to share this trilogy of BBC 6 Music podcasts on the psychology of music and how it interacts with our emotions.

Journeys in Sound with Nemone:


We’d also like to share this excellent opportunity to learn about coding from our friends at Rocket Learn :

We do hope to welcome Derby High School students to RL when normal service is resumed.

We are hosting a FREE WEBINAR for children, staff and parents on CODING next week and would love the Derby High School community to join us for the event.

It is on Wednesday 10th Feb at 5-00pm. Log in and link details have been sent to parents on High Post. 

Anyone at Derby High is welcome to access the webinar and coding should be of real interest and value to staff, students and parents alike.

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 9th February 2021 it is Safer Internet Day. Safe and Sound Group are using this opportunity to reach out to parents and carers to reduce the risk of our children and young people being affected by online dangers and exploitation.

Should parents be interested, during this day they are also hosting an online interactive live session through their Facebook account between 10 and 11am: 


and providing an hour workshop on online safety and awareness through Zoom between 1.30pm and 2.30pm:

Zoom Meeting details have been sent to parents on High Post. 

There are 100 places so log on nice and early!