02 May 2019

Year 3 Residential to Chasewater

Year 3 have had a very successful first residential trip to Chasewater, Staffordshire. The trip was arranged to support and enhance work in their Stone Age History topic, as well as introduce children to a residential experience.

On arrival at Chasewater, the children were transported back to 12000BC to take on the role of Stone Age man within the Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age. The children were extremely excited to explore how man created fire, what tools he used to hunt and gather food to survive. The children lit fires, cooked bread on the fire and even tasted Stone Age style soup. They then created Stone Age jewellery using pump drills, saws and different materials from around Chasewater. After a busy afternoon and a wonderful meal, they enjoyed some play time in the grounds of Chasewater. The fun didn’t stop there, as in the evening we sat around the campfire singing songs led by the instructor. He was particularly impressed when the children sang the ‘Living in the New Stone Age’ song from our Stone Age assembly. Hot chocolate, biscuits and marshmallows were then devoured before the children went to bed.

The children woke bright and early on Friday morning, ready for another action packed day. We created Stone Age cave paintings and then began a trek around Chasewater looking for deer as they would have done in the Stone Age. The children kept their eyes peeled for deer prints and drops and then followed the trail. They were shocked and delighted when we found a herd of wild deer. They then learnt about how Stone Age man would have hunted very similar deer thousands of years ago.

Throughout the trip, the instructors commented upon Year 3's good behaviour, superb questioning skills and brilliant knowledge.  Well done to the pupils for representing Derby High Primary so well on their first residential.

A thoroughly enjoyable time had by all!