15 Feb 2019

Year 2 receive an email from an explorer!

Our Year 2 pupils are learning all about explorers as part of their 'Cold Lands' topic this term.  They have studied the lives of Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton and they also learned about Louis Rudd's successful solo crossing of Antarctica.

Imagine how delighted the children were to find that an email sent by Year 2 teacher, Mrs Youngman, to Louis Rudd's team had actually received a reply... from the man himself!  The children were so excited that they created a video to show the explorer some of the work that they have been doing about explorers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4J89QAUH6s  Mrs Youngman then sent Louis the video and he responded again: "What an amazing video you’ve all made, I absolutely love it. Thank you so much."

What a wonderful way to bring the topic to life!

15th February 2019