01 May 2019

Senior Tennis Championships

The Senior Tennis Championships took place between three competitiors: Lottie (U6), Poppy (Y11) and Kate (U6), who each played two games against their other opponents. Matches took the form of 5 games in total, playing short deuce and the players would get 3 points for a win. 

The first match was between Lottie and Kate, which was full of very close and long rallies, with some impressive winners from both players. Baseline to baseline, the match went right to the nail, with the match being decided on the final point. Kate edged the win, with a 3-2 win. 

The second match played was between Poppy and Kate which, again, was full of powerful serves, fierce backhands and deep baseline rallies. Some very close points were played in each game, and it was a pleasure to watch. Kate finished the match with a 3-2 win. 

The final game was between Poppy and Lottie; a fantastic match to watch with amazingly fast and powerful serves and plenty of tight, edge of your seat rallies. Poppy challenged Lottie very well with her deep backhand strokes and power as she came close to the net, but Lottie finished the match as the winner, by 4 games to 1. 

As a result, Kate was crowned as the Senior Tennis Champion having won both of her matches, which was very well deserved. She will receive her trophy in assembly. Lottie came in second, and Poppy finished in third place. 

The three girls really are fantastic tennis players and the matches, their skills and their tactical play was a joy to watch. We wish the three of them the best of luck, along with Chantal in U4, in the next round of the Aberdare Cup where they are up against Ellesmere.