07 Dec 2018

Senior House Drama

Senior students took to the stage to perform in the annual House Drama competition.

After casting and rehearsing, productions were performed in front of a packed audience of staff and students.

The winner of the Best Actress title was Mahnoor, L6, who played an eccentric shopkeeper in a short play called ‘Shadows of Antiquity’ by St George.

She said: “I started revising my lines about four weeks before the performance and there was a lot of dialogue because my character tells the story of two other characters in the play. I had to really be on it. It was hard but enjoyable and lots of fun, learning the lines and then seeing how they were brought to life. That’s always the great thing about drama.

“My expectations are always quite low so I didn’t expect to win Best Actress. I was really shocked at how everyone responded to the performance and I was surprised to hear so many people clapping. Even when I went back into the Sixth Form common room everyone was clapping. I’d always wanted to win something in House Drama ever since Year 7 so it was a really big deal for me.”

Adjudicator, award winning British playwright Robert Scott, named St David’s performance of “Let Her Rip” as the best play and the People’s Choice award went to St George.

7th December 2018