08 Nov 2018

National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship

Wednesday afternoon saw the Regional Heat of the National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship take place in the Junior Hall at Derby High Primary. Teams from DHS, Birkdale Prep (Sheffield), Nottingham High Juniors and Christ Church Primary (Burton) all took part in teams of 4 to put their Scientific knowledge to the test.

As always, the questions set were above and beyond the knowledge of the National Curriculum and certainly gave most of the adults in the room a test. But the children took the challenge in their stride and battled it out to be crowned the winners.

The two teams from Derby High did well in the opening rounds, keeping up and placing in the top 5. As the rounds went on, DHS Team 1 managed to pick up a few more points and snuck up into 2nd place, with DHS Team 2 working well as a team in 4th. With 8 questions remaining, DHS Team 1 went into the lead and looked set to challenge for the top spot. Unfortunately, the next 5 questions stumped them and, with no points scored, they slipped into 3rd, where they remained until the end of the quiz. With other teams gambling for more points, DHS Team 2 finished in 7th place overall.

An excellent display of knowledge was on show during the whole afternoon, with children and spectators alike having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

DHS Team 1 = 1285pts (3rd) George, Zoe, Naomi, Amrutha

DHS Team 2 = 1070pts (7th) Elizabeth, Venya, Jean, Shivani

8th November 2018