23 May 2019

Maths Quiz Win for Derby High Primary!

Derby High hosted the local area heat of the National Maths Quiz Championship on Monday. 10 teams travelled from nearby schools to compete for a place in the National Semi-Finals. Both Derby High Primary teams had been practising their skills in the Maths Quiz afters chool club this term and were in a good position to do well.

By the halfway stage, DHS 1 and DHS 2 were doing well after the mental maths round, heading into the much harder pencil and paper round. By the final question, DHS 2 had gone into the lead, knowing that 100% would give them the win. With just 60 seconds on the timer the team worked hard to confidently get the answer correct, win the heat and book their place in the National Semi-Final!

Both teams represented the school excellently and we are all excited about the forthcoming Semi-Final.

This was their final question...

“Tom went on holiday and changed £250 into euros at a rate of 1.6 euros to the pound. On arriving in Switzerland he realised they used Swiss francs and changed his euros at a rate of 1.14 Swiss francs to 1 euro. How many Swiss francs would he have? 1) 380, 2) 424, 3) 456 or 4) 518...” You have 60 seconds!!