22 Mar 2019

Senior House Trampolining

A rainbow of House coloured t-shirts gathered round the three trampolines for the eagerly anticipated House trampolining contest. Participants from U3 to U6 performed two ten bounce routines. The first consisted of back landings, seat landings and twists and is the set routine for National novice trampolining events. The second routine was a voluntary routine where students could perform moves of higher difficulty. These moves are also of greater risk but the spectators were excited and enthralled by tucked front somersaults, piked front somersaults and the amazing straight back somersaults!

The top three performer’s scores from each House were added together for the House trophy result and there were also medals and a winning trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd individually. Top performers for St Andrew were sisters Anais (Y9) and Jasmine (U6) who unbelievably had the same overall score of 44.7, and Lydia (Y11). St Patrick’s top performers were Xenia (Y8), Georgiana (Y7) and Annabelle (Y9).  St David’s high fliers were Alicia (U6), Priya (Y7) and Caitlin (Y11) and St Georges top three were Tilly (U6), Millie (Y7) and Esme (Y8).

In terms of the House result this led to the following positions;

4th St Patrick – 118 points

3rd St Andrew – 139.1 points

2nd St David – 141.2 points

1st St George – 144.2 points

Individual honours were also awarded and it was extremely close between the top 5 competitors.

In 5th  place with a score of 46.8 was Priya (Y7)

4th  with 49.2 was Alicia (U6)

3rd and bronze medallist with a score of 49.7 was Lydia (Y11)

2nd and silver medallist with a score of 51.1 was Tilly (U6)

1st place and gold medallist and trophy winner with a score of 51.4 was Millie (Y7).

Well done to all the trampolining club who have worked so hard to achieve such high standards and had fun along the way!!

22nd March 2019