01 Mar 2019

House Cross Country

On a wet and chilly Thursday lunchtime this week, Derby High’s House Cross Country event took place! At 1pm, ten students from each House including U3 to L5 students lined up at the start line, ready and raring to go, if a little put off by the rain. All of the pupils set off with determination to do their House proud on the four lap (2km) course around the field, and really showed some great persistence and team work throughout the race.

U4's Annabelle (St Patrick) led from the start of the first lap and was crowned the winner in a time of 7.03 minutes, with L5's Libby (St Andrew) and U4's Hettie (St Patrick) doing their best to catch her in 2nd and 3rd places. Special mention to U3's Daisy (St George) who wins the Burford Cup for the first Year 7 pupil to finish the race, in 6th place overall, with a time of 7.49 minutes. A really fantastic race by all involved.

Next up were the Seniors, U5 and above, at 1.30pm completing a similar course, but five laps (2.5km) of the Field. They were fortunate enough to have the rain ease for their race and it was a fierce start as the students tried to get ahead of one another on the first phase. L6's Sarah (St Patrick) led from the front throughout, with a group of four others chasing her closely. Sarah completed the race in first place, with a time of 9.20 minutes, with U6's Kate (St George) and U5's Eliza (St David) in 2nd and 3rd places.

It was a really excellent showcase of cooperation and support of one another throughout the race!

1st March 2019