03 Jul 2018

Junior Sports Day

On a beautiful hot and sunny Thursday, the four Houses of St Andrew, St David, St George and St Patrick took the field for the annual Junior Sports Day!

Sprinting, dress up, obstacles and eggs and spoons galore, the girls and boys of the Junior School took to the field and completed their races with fantastic effort and determination to get on the podium and score points for their Houses. It was an amazing afternoon and both relay races at the end were hotly contested with a brilliant crowd of parents and supporters making the event all that more special for all the children taking part.

At the end of the afternoon, the prestigious Sports Day trophy was awarded to Emma (Y6), the St David House Captain, after winning by a huge 101 points! St George came 2nd with 66 points, St Andrew came 3rd with 57 points and St Patrick came 4th with 47 points!

Thank you to all of the PE staff, the junior school staff and sixth form students who assisted with the event, and to all of the children and parents who were fantastic on the day!

2nd July 2018