23 Mar 2018

Senior House Trampolining

The annual House Trampolining event took place this week with students from every age group representing the four Houses. Mrs Hancock and Miss Allum had the difficult task of judging the compulsory and voluntary routines whilst Mrs Goodman had the responsibility of totalling the scores including a tariff score for difficulty.  St Andrew were the first House to perform and their compulsory routines all scored between 6.0 and 7.7. St Patrick had a smaller team but lots of determination, and all scored above 6.3. St David’s team had four U3 students and four sixth formers in its eleven strong team. Their top performers reached scores of 8.0 in their compulsory routines and threw down the gauntlet for the other Houses. St George’s team achieved scores from 5.8 to 8.2 and gave them a great start that they were keen to capitalise on in the second round.

St Andrew performed their voluntary routines first and they consisted of front drops and front somersaults. They all performed well and the top scorers overall were Lydia Scott, Jasmine Brittan, Suzie Hobbs and Charlotte Wood. St Patrick were consistent in their second routines and their top scorers were Chloe Smith, Xenia Karim, Hettie Munns and Annabelle Ita. St David had a full range of voluntary scores but their highest ones were superb.

Their top scorers were Caitlin Oram, Eliza Richold and two of Derby High's National Schools Championship team members Alicia Brockwell and Ellie Holden. St George also had two National team members. Tilly Garside and Sofia Richardson who were top scorers for their House along with Esme Hurst and Aimée Boucherat.

Overall the winning house with a score of 133.4 was St David. The individual winners were bronze medalist Sofia Richardson, silver medalist Tilly Garside and for the seventh year the gold medalist and trophy winner was Ellie Holden. Big congratulations to Ellie on such an amazing achievement and to every member of the trampolining club who has trained so hard every week.

23rd March 2018