05 Oct 2018

Senior House Netball

Senior House Netball

An exciting House Netball competition came to its conclusion yesterday as the Junior teams battled it out for the trophy.

Earlier on in the half term, the Senior teams had displayed some outstanding skill level to strive for success, and many games were neck and neck until the final few minutes. At the conclusion of the Senior competition St Patrick took 4th spot with 2 points and St George were 3rd with 6 points. With 2 wins and a loss St David came 2nd with 10 points so the winners were St Andrew with 3 wins out of 3 and the maximum 15 points.

The Junior matches were also very close and it was especially pleasing to see some very talented U3 players representing their house for the first time on the sporting stage.  

The final games were crucial to decide a winner as 2 teams amassed the same number of points, so it came down to the team who had scored the most goals. This culminated in a win for St Andrew as they achieved 11 points and 36 goals, 2nd was St Patrick as they had 11 points and scored 30 goals, 3rd place was taken by St George with 6 points and in 4th were St David with 5 points.

Well done to the House Captains for organising their teams and congratulations to all the players.

5th October 2018