House Activities

We have an incredibly lively and competitive House system at Derby High with the 4 School Houses, St. Andrew, St. David, St. George and St. Patrick battling it out across the entire school (from Reception upwards) for various trophies.

In the Senior School each of the Houses are run by the House Captains and Deputy House Captains, members of our Upper Sixth who lead and co-ordinate all of the activities for their Houses.

Competitions vary from year to year but the firm fixtures in the calendar are: House Netball, House Drama, House Hockey, House Music, House Challenge (a University Challenge style quiz), House Badminton, House Debating, House Rounders, House Dance, House Tennis, House Trampolining and House Cross Country.  This year, for the first time, we held a House Bake Off ahead of our Macmillan Coffee Morning in September.

Our students also compete for their Houses on Sports Day which is the highlight of the House calendar!