15 Jun 2018

Go4SET Industry Visits

Our 5 Go4SET project groups visited Bombardier and the Rolls Royce Heritage Centre this week.  The aim of these visits is for the students to see engineering in a real world context and to find out a little more about the diverse types of work that goes on in both of these companies.

Our mentors at Bombardier were able to give us a tour of their works.  We were interested to discover that all aspects of trains, including the interior, are engineered at the Derby site. The students were able to see the main stages in construction of carriages and were amazed to find that it only takes a week to put together a carriage that will then be sent for extensive testing.  After our tour, we had two talks. The first was from a project manager who gave the students invaluable insight into the issues concerned with running a project in the real world.  One of Bombardier’s employees, who had progressed through their apprenticeship programme, came to talk about his experience and the opportunities available for progression within the company.  As always, our students asked many thoughtful and interesting questions about all aspects of Bombardier’s work.

At the Rolls Royce Heritage Centre, our students were able to see a range of different aero-engines close up.  They also found out about the history of the company and its founders:  Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.  One of the many highlights was being able to sit in the cockpit of an aeroplane, which had been powered by engines developed by the company.

15th June 2018