Academic qualifications

Alongside your A Level courses it is possible to enrol on the following Enrichment Courses which will offer additional UCAS points:

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) – runs from November of L6 to October of U6; This qualification is equivalent to half an A level but at the A2 academic level, thereby having the possibility of an A* grade. It requires the student’s genuine interest in, and strong commitment to a topic of their choice, perhaps developing from one or more of their study areas or a personal interest. The critical factors of motivation, time and project management, and independent research and evaluation are highly attractive to universities and employers, in applications and at interviews. The project may take the form of an extended essay of 5000 words, or the creation of an artefact, or an exhibition, performance or event. Receiving a number of hours of taught skills is a compulsory element. From the start, a teacher will be designated as the student’s supervisor and will confirm the suitability of the topic and its form, title and aims. With support, the student will plan, research, carry out and evaluate the project, keeping a log throughout as evidence of all development stages. On its completion, the student must deliver a presentation to a suitable audience. The supervisor will assess all aspects of the project and the marks will be moderated internally and externally. 

Further Maths A level – This is taken as a combined course with Maths so you complete 2 A levels across 12 periods a week; and,

Music Theory – Associated Board Grades 5 and above taught over a 2 year period.