Our Approach to Careers

Key Stage 3 / Years 7, 8 & 9

At Derby High we are proud to be fully compliant with the 8 Gatsby Good Career Guidance benchmarks which define world-class career guidance.  Our Careers provision begins as early as Year 7 with sessions considering students' career aspirations and activities aimed at getting them thinking about their futures. 

Year 8 sees students being tasked with researching the career of a family member or friend and then sharing the information gathered amongst their fellow students.  This approach enables a variety of career paths to be discussed in depth amongst the year group.

In Year 9 students study the current labour market and context of careers.  They undertake profiling using the Fast Tomato software and consider the results generated ahead of their Options Evening in the Spring Term.


Key Stage 4 / Years 10 & 11

Derby High students undertake a Work Experience placement during the Summer Term of Year 10.  They are encouraged to use the Derbyshire Work Experience Database and are offered support throughout the year to find an appropriate placement.

A further opportunity to undertake Fast Tomato profiling is offered to all at the beginning of Year 11 with the additional option of Morrisby Profiling offered during the first term.  Students are given support with interpreting the results of any profiling they have undertaken.

Students in Year 11 also undertake sessions on Sixth Form, how to write CVs and covering letters and on being 'interview-ready'.

Additional careers guidance throughout the year is provided to our Year 11 students by our Head of Key Stage 4 and Head of Careers as and when it may be necessary.


Sixth Form

The Careers programme for Year 12 begins in earnest in the Spring Term.  Time is taken to independently research different careers which are of interest to students and further Morrisby and Fast Tomato profiling is offered.  Outside speakers are invited into school to open up the world of Apprenticeships, employment, further education and UCAS.  The whole yeargroup visit a university (this year it is Nottingham) at some point in the Spring Term.

Interview practice and CV writing skills feature in the Truly Educated schedule for our Year 13 students.  As part of Truly Educated, our students also have the opportunity to learn about financial matters - opening bank accounts, interest rates etc...

From the November in U6 we run mock interviews for all UCAS and Apprenticeship candidates who are to be called for interview.  For those applying to study Medicine we lay on mock MMI circuits tapping into our parent and alumni network for support with this.

Throughout the Sixth Form all students are encouraged to attend talks led by visiting speakers - recently these have included former Derby High students giving guidance on studying Medicine, applying to study at Oxbridge and what it is like to join a large engineering firm after A Levels in an Apprenticeship role.

Derby High is proud to be an Apprenticeships Champion in recognition of our positive approach to Apprenticeships and alternatives to UCAS.  Download the latest pack from the National Apprenticeship Service here.    


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